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试管婴儿男孩|炬力集成电路设计有限公司The secretariat of the door, unexpectedly is hidden!Zhang fei personally, several times rushed up to the wall, and was driven down by zhang ren, and at the same time zhuge liang and a team, want to break the enemy grain, but pang tong saw through in time, life wei with elite interception along the way, both sides in deyang city outside a contact war, finally shu army routed back."What?" Guan Yu lay silkworm eyebrow a pick, east of the city can be his elite, most of the forces are concentrated there, how can easily give up, the next tune horse head, rapped out: "All the soldiers with me to save the trapped brother!"

"Scholars!" Wei yan stared at pang tong, this is when, and the mind to care about rattan shield.Chapter one hundred and sixteen lost YinLingGuan Yu looked at tardif, his eyes narrowed slightly, was about to answer, but a PianJiang Chen has been clapping and dancing gun, snapped: "how to kill chickens with a bull's knife, general stay a moment, at the end of the will capture the man's head..."试管婴儿男孩|"Don't be surprised. Isn't that normal? You've brought so many people here with you. Don't tell me you're here to talk to me." Lu Zheng shook his head: "Although you are dead, but your family I will give them a way to live, since you see me now, don't tell me you still hope that those fools have the ability to protect your family."

试管婴儿男孩|A group of savage troops roared out of the mountains and woods, shouting weiyan don't understand the strange tune, armed with bow and arrow knife and gun, against the rattan shield toward wei."Hey ~" Pang Tong smell speech a smile, That's a range advantage, if you want to swear, Pang Tongke has never lost, Even at the beginning of lyu3 bu4 father and daughter, It was also the father and daughter who interrupted themselves with profiteering, Otherwise, pang tong has the confidence not to take dirty words will they give gas vomiting blood three liters, zhang fei although scold coarse, but back and forth also just a few words, the key is someone else's voice can pass, but pang tong even pulled open his voice, voice estimates also can't pass, so can only be here by zhang fei's noise poison."Scholar Yuan, you are also an apprentice of Confucianism. How would you feel if you knew what you said today?" Zhuge liang shook his head and sighed.

"Stubborn!" Ma Qiu sneer at 1, saw the opposite member of the generals rushed on horseback, will be in the hands of a silver gun forward, gun speed is very fast, opposite the generals simply did not have time to react, was a gun pierced the throat, stare at the eyes slipped down from the horse."Take away their weapons! Drive them to the harbor!" Although there are many guan yu cronies in a desperate struggle, but most military forces have been please to fall, the situation has been completely under control, tracing the cause looked at the soldiers, eyes flashed a cold awn."It depends on master how to choose." Giffin opened his eyes, looked at lyu3 bu4, smiled.试管婴儿男孩|





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