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发际红大结局|寒水石颐天枕"It is absurd. Zhou yu broke the alliance without permission and attacked our army. It is only his own fault. ?" Chen said, "if you attack jiangxia without any reason today, you will be laughed at all over the world."After all, it is a new thing, is deng xian for a time also can not think of the drawbacks, also was pang tong painting out of the picture pie to captivate the eyes."This battle is very important to zhou yu. If he wins, he will be able to ease the internal contradictions in jiangdong with jingzhou. But if he loses, the internal contradictions in jiangdong will become increasingly acute. "Jia xu did not finish, but looked at lu bu with a smile.

"If the general is willing, may he go with the army and pacify yizhou?" Lu zheng smiled, did not force, speak and do things, although there is dignity, but different from lu bu, let a person feel like a spring breeze."That's just by the way." Pang tong shook his head and said, "there are many men in our army in langzhong camp.""I have ordered your wife to be taken away without incident." Dharma is indifferent.发际红大结局|"Yes." Meng da nodded.

发际红大结局|As for the overall situation, ma su before the idea and zhuge liang happened to agree, decisive victory in the battlefield outside, pang tong army expedition, chengdu interior must be empty, if at this time, to persuade chengdu family defection, it is equivalent to break pang tong road, this war can be won without a battle."Dock the ship and welcome the commander's body back to camp!" Lv meng stood up, took a deep breath and looked at the crowd. "send someone to jianye and report it to the Lord."Since will liu DHS, the first step, first of all to sweep the floor, his majesty so, pang tong not hesitate letting ZhuoYang spamming homicides, in front of so many people, obviously was a military career is the generals in the face of it, if liu DHS censure ZhuoYang because of this, even to kill him, that the next step, pang tong will use this big account, the power of the people to protect the ZhuoYang, that liu DHS is a little face lining is gone, but the pang tong

"Sir, take a seat." Tacit understanding reached, the following atmosphere, naturally into a friendly atmosphere.Pang tong wen yan nodded and looked at wei yan dao: "when the defense is strengthened, I am afraid that we have not reached jiangzhou, jiangzhou has been broken. We should first consolidate the defense around chengdu.""Before you brought the letter, the consigliere had secretly told me about you." Chen said, "who are you?"发际红大结局|




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