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嚴恃胆なな|璃噺平This also paved the way for lu bu's subsequent efforts to improve people's livelihood."Three years of construction and installation... "< / p > < p > ma chao at the moment point of troops, began to lead the troops to luoyang, at the same time, the tiger prison pass, liu biao's army is the first step.

Liu has been very embarrassed at the cao camp, theory of talent, he is not under the most counselors working for cao cao to cao cao, was supposed to reuse, but his identity is very sensitive, like liu bei, he is the han clan, the difference is that he don't have that big ambitions, it also made him in cao cao awkward position."You send someone to inform the cities, CAI MAO if really with the army to come, do not allow his horses into the city." Huang zu looked at huang shoot....嚴恃胆なな|"Go ahead." Liu biao is a dress skirt, no longer ignore two people, go straight to the direction of the door.

嚴恃胆なな|"General, I am going to challenge them outside the city. After they leave the camp, I will ask meng qi to lead the charge. Isn't that easy?" Broad sea a face depressed way.Liu bei shang can sink live gas, but zhang fei is not good, every day camp scold, hope the tiger prison shut xu sheng can run out like a man to die.The horn sounded a strange melody echoed across the field, and a large number of cavalry quickly gathered and began to charge li dian's army again.

Lu bu leaned back in his chair silently, closed his eyes for a long time, and nodded his head.Just as CAI MAO was blocking wei yan, two armies came from different directions in luoyang.Tube hai is not suspected him at the beginning, when found wrong, he has been limiting the freedom, until He Man, tube hai learned of lyu3 bu4 Wolf in professional news, excitement, also more urgent to persuade zhang yan, a seal Wolf in professional achievement and prestige, even tube hai also know, lyu3 bu4 have and the qualification of governors focused all over the world, become the world enough to cao yuan other governors all the way, choose to arrive at this time if zhang yan lu bu, will surely make lyu3 bu4 continued to grow, unfortunately, at the same time, also falling in to the call of the grant of the scribes came, everything changed.嚴恃胆なな|





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