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工业4 0概念股财经道金融产品 cjdao"What happened? Method is to see to the shorts, shake head a way: "rest assured, I have been flying pigeon in the master, please Biao ride the gauls who come to van, this mess up in the shu, then even if these people unexpectedly, also let them go to luoyang alarm, priority, is chengdu, speed stability, although milan to behave in such a way, but the concept of land equalization policy has been spread out, I need to lower taxes, these people, master there will give them a proper answer, but the answer will not too fast, there are some things, drag drag, also do not have a thing!""The Lord is wise." Jia xu held out his hand and said, "it's just on the songshan mountain. Cao cao has sent some excellent soldiers to guard it. He wants to regain the seal of the king. "Wei yan is also experienced in battle, a glance will see the other side so arranged, but actually uncomfortable good intention, can not help sneer: "some ability, but not enough to see!"

"That liu zhang harm how many people's family destruction, is not a bygones and bygones can be settled?" This is not zhang song said, his task is to provoke the family of liu zhang anger."Will it be too risky? We can wait until the hanzhong soldiers arrive." Deng xian smiled sadly.Zhang ren is pay check number in the camp, and suddenly learned that liu DHS back, also is a happy mind, since liu DHS to leave it in more than a month, zhang ren day difficult, constantly have adverse comments came from chengdu, began as a general, then, these adverse remarks have begun to spread to the army, especially in which many generals also fanning, were it not for zhang ren have enough prestige to suppress lived temporarily, it LangZhong camp not to attack the enemy, yourself, I'm afraid工业4 0概念股"No way, if the fleet travel at this time, the jiangdong water army will not wait for an opportunity to move, now our army's food, can not afford to toss. Zhuge liang heard the news, also can not help but a bitter smile, zhou yu's death, the chai sang camp of the jiangdong water army can not find trouble recently, although no major battle, but jiangxia, jiangling boat, mo said the official warships, is the ship of ordinary people as long as a little closer may be attacked or captured.

工业4 0概念股"If it wasn't him, why couldn't even find the body of a jingzhou soldier on mount song? Even the most elite 100 soldiers of the tiger guard battalion have been wiped out, I do not believe that his jingzhou army is so formidable!" "Grunted xiahou dun.As long as hold this point, plus chengdu interior emptiness, zhuge liang believe, enough to persuade those families, as for the law will be aware of, can not completely give up because there is such a possibility, zhuge liang believe, with ma su's wit, may not be lost in fazheng."Bloody smell ~" tiger guard head raised his head, cold look to the front, hoarse voice, with a fever for blood, the mountain road empty, the distance has been able to see the barracks is also a lonely, can not see a bit of human habitation.

"Night huang wei? Chen frowns, this is a never heard of the army.Yan yan is a star in the shu, and liu yan shu, has been moving shu, ask yourself whether art of martial arts, not how much inferior to the central plains the star, but have no chance to prove themselves struggling, zhuge liang shu this time, I thought there will be a battle, unfortunately, the chengdu incident, did not even the master, to fight, there would be no meaning, so he chose to zhuge liang.A big hand was holding liu d工业4 0概念股




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