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5613小哥可卡|视频线多少钱一米"General careful, at the end of the future to help you!" Xing Daorong see guan yu arrow, not frightened, hurriedly patted immediately before, want to help guan yu, just the distance between the two sides check too far, he just out, tardif there has rushed to guan yu near."Put it away!" With the men will be direction debugging, pound commanded, fifteen crossbow at the same time, as thick as a child's arm arrows break out of the air, two hundred steps away as if there is no general, instantly."Rocket tonight." Lv Zheng looked at Xiongkuohai, smiled and said: "Once he saw the rocket, Xiongshu immediately led the troops to seize the military power, dare to resist … chop!"

Although guan yu left, but not all the elite of nanyang, and liu bei after determined to attack jiangdong, will be under general li yan transferred to nanyang, more will nanyang garrison to fifty thousand, in case of war, lyu3 bu4 to attack, can block lyu3 bu4 attack."You command, see clearly the direction of their excavation, let the men separate in advance, shoot the thieves with bows and arrows first!" Li yan slightly wanted to think, to lieutenant way."Sound the trumpet!" Zhang fei cold hum 1, and did not give the order to retreat, but life blew up the horn.5613小哥可卡|"Master, lyu3 bu4 king, I'm afraid the next is to crusade against the central plains." After into SiKongFu, xun yu frown at cao cao.

5613小哥可卡|Strong crossbow, but as long as the men hide in these gullies, guanzhong strength crossbow again can't turn to shoot the soldiers inside the gully, at the same time if the guanzhong soldiers forced charge, gully soldiers can shoot the enemy with bows and arrows."General, seems to want to attack dianjiang is unlikely." Deng Xian came to wei yan side, for the guanzhong army combat effectiveness is a new understanding, but even if the guanzhong army has strong bow strength crossbow advantage, want to rely on this to attack the mat jiangcheng sufficient manpower is still difficult.On the other hand, zhuge liang learned of the news of the death of samoc, is also some sigh, but the attitude towards aliens, lyu3 bu4 and zhuge liang in fact, there is no difference between these families, basically not when people see, sigh also just sigh for the lack of a good mountain battle artillery fodder.

But according to pound said the situation, this li yan obviously seriously study customs clearance, not only in the trenches, so that the guanzhong strong bow crossbow can not play, and then in the way of fire, let the elite shooting sound camp planted here."The guan yu is clearly to exhaust our morale, the other side closed the door, our army here today a day of bitter, the men taut mind, and the other side is calmly trimmed, wait for tomorrow when the other side to attack, our army soldiers will naturally be in a very bad state." Lu su wry smile."You and Zhao Kuo, are all talented people, but do not accumulate small steps to thousands of miles, you step too far, and in the character of Zhuge Kongming, under his command, want to stand alone, only when the real crisis has a chance, and without the accumulation before, rashly assume the big responsibility, just like you.5613小哥可卡|





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