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bl辣文|梅山牌减肥神茶"No more." Zhang he turned and left without looking back. With pound's forces, he could not get out of the city to fight.True, that is, inflation, not to seal the Wolf guxu kind of reputation by the battle, but the real support."After this war, this old will not be in and I will fight." Zhang liao shook his swollen arm and looked at his generals and subordinates. "but this old man is well acquainted with the art of war.

"Be!" Li Shuxiang a cursed after the chests are accumulated for a month finally dissipates a lot, but some uneasy, he opens the mouth to scold master, but get answer after lyu3 bu4, face the look of surprise and said "yes", then ran to the side without saying a word, one hundred pushups difficult for ordinary people, but after a month the devil training, together with all kinds of meat, herbal tonic and lyu3 bu4 secretly help strengthen once fitness, the women of the one hundred and eight women had been real, tyrannosaurus, one hundred pushups, something."Lv bu!" Xu chu looked at the more xi tragic, bloodshot eyes, tiger roar toward lu bu rushed over.Gan ning took a breath and looked around, but he saw more than a dozen people coming towards him. As for huang zu, he had long since disappeared, and the troops around him were scattering outward. Even now, they did not know that there were only a dozen of them.bl辣文|"Small person know, ask adult to make a decision for small person." Li ping knelt on the ground and bit his teeth. This may be the last chance for him. He didn't want to give up.

bl辣文|"After the death of yuan tan, there may be a bad feeling between yuan shang and cao cao." Lv bu gropes the stubble on chin, think way.CAI MAO wen yan wry smile: "I do not know the words of the different degree? Just not break the tiger prison, how to capture luoyang? Not to mention lu bu back to guanzhong."

"I have business to attend to." Pang tong directly gave lu bu a back of the head, if others, even if lu bu did not say, the guard around me was also a knife split in the past, but at the moment, it is not strange, with lu bu side of the old man may also be able to see his own master for this ugly gentleman or very important.Highly profitable business, Chen gong is now both hands."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 cool nod a way: "from now on, your training by me personally, but remember, owl does not have a serial number, there will be no official position, directly affiliated to you we had, just like your name, owl is general, can appear only in the dark, not known to the world, also don't think very beginning, you will be we shadow, this, you may do it?"bl辣文|




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