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仙女爱流氓|zw7-35"Roar ~" intense pain, concession degree root frenzied general a grasping uncle akun's neck, watching the soldiers in chaos constantly be killed by the herdsmen, at the same time, outside the tribe suddenly sounded earth-shaking horseshoes, step degree root face a change, his eyes spread a crazy look, mournful roar: "Why!?""This …" Ule shook his head: "Temuzhen adults do not know, but according to some of the generals, Kirby can indeed be the day we left the court, with military forces north, that Kirby can know everything about the court."But in a short time, male general I'm afraid can't go to war again." The doctor asked.

Lie in bed zhang he finally put down his mind, slept in the past, such as repeatedly, the city garrison even with the night garrison also no longer take this matter seriously, the time of the night, so in the intermittent drums and gongs.But we must not say that the Hu people are really vulnerable, the Hu 's methods of warfare really had no merit, Just because the conference semifinals don't have the art of war these ready-made things, also let conference semifinals often won't be bound by rules and regulations, really fight, you will find, many times conference semifinals war, unrestrained, will not according to common sense card, their combat experience, that is really summed up in a real battle, in exchange for life."Sir, actually a few days ago, there were some rumors in the barracks, but people didn't care too much at that time, but now that I think about it, those rumors and the current events were surprisingly consistent. A crony general bowed his head.仙女爱流氓|"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

仙女爱流氓|Under the same sky, jinyang, satrap mansion.Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, the woman's ability, not worthy of her ambition, xianbei king's court was breached, I'm afraid it is not reduced to the exclusive domain, is fragrant XiaoYu perished, is not too stupid, thought of using yourself to contain the five big tribes, but luckily there is this woman, can save yourself a lot of things.Homer bitter will be full of according to horse stakes in the city said again.

From murong gui and TaBaJi powder, and then to a series of battles, happened in a very short time, QinBing coby can bring didn't react, don't know why don't deal with the temuzhen, their three heads leading infighting, until coby can head to the ground, his QinBing just react."What do you want to do?" Rajan slipped back two steps subconsciously."Your excellency, is the huns, the goddamn huns remnants of iniquity, they under the leadership of temuzhen, attacked our tribe, patriarch and the warriors of the family, all gone!" A cadre of He fell to his knees, looked at the corpses all over the ground, and howled with tears in his heart and lungs.仙女爱流氓|




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