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省钱宝防恶意点击|笼养设备价格"Outside the camp there is a man named xu togeher, rather arrogant and rude, called the name of the tetrarch, I didn't let him in, but this thing, still want to tell the tetrarch." Xu chu muffled.A little time to three more days, the torch burning in the barracks have a lot of their own put out, at the same time outside the camp patrolling soldiers also only occasionally run through a team or two.If lyu3 bu4 as kirby can think of bypassing the shadowy mountain, to harass the rear, kirby can's decision is undoubtedly correct, but unfortunately, he too believe in the woman, or lan zhan too underestimate lyu3 bu4, also make kirby can be unconsciously, lyu3 bu4 released by the fog bombs led to the direction of lyu3 bu4 hope.

"I know you have the heart to go to war." Giffin looked at pound's appearance, wry smile way: "just this war, d general took away most of the military forces in hetao, must have a strong will stay guarding hetao, here, is the master's back road, there is no room for any slip, also hope to make can understand.""Master, I'll leave first!" Sentence suddenly, upright when the eyes flashed an ambiguous look, hurriedly to lyu3 bu4 a fuels, with the guard left, on the cliff, only two people a hawk."He was born in the wrong place, if in the central plains, may be able to be a little governors. Lyu3 bu4 looked up, sneer at a way.省钱宝防恶意点击|Kifu goyang heard the sound of bone fragmentation on his back, lying on the ground, his eyes suddenly wide open, his hands open, lying on the ground, trying to look up, trying to say something, but could not make a sound, his lungs have been trampled.

省钱宝防恶意点击|"It's the Huns. The Huns are coming!" Someone recognized the huns dress, the whole tribe in the face of the huns sudden impact, panic ran around, a moment into a mess."Han Sui!!?" D eyes flashed a ray of red light, behind Ma Dai, Ma Tie is also ferocious, d awe a gift, sink a track: "strategist rest assured, at the end of this will point troops to battle!"Another horse flashed past, The will to live made Kifu Goyang endure the pain, A slap on the ground, the whole person stood up and roared a knight on horseback, was about to get on the horse, suddenly ran a cavalry behind him, saw him will people from the horse down, angrily, a knife cut on the back of Kifu Goyang, followed by two bowl-sized horseshoes severely stepped on the back of Kifu Goyang.

Canyon west slant, guarding the city of the soldiers nervous hold on to the weapons in their hands, looking at the distant mighty smoke, look around, the cavalry rushing to the mountains, like a monstrous wave of anger, and jinyang city, at the moment is like a boat in the rough waves.Coss see Wei Yan's military forces not only valiant, but also well-trained, in the heart can not help but a fiercely, pointing to wei yan, lang track: "I am Chen liu general coss, who are you, quote! So ability, why work for lyu3 bu4 that rebels and thieves? Better surrender to our army, cao is willing to put you in the public security of the Lord general!""Alas," said Kui Tou, smelling the speech, his eyes darkened, and he looked at Lu Bu with a wry smile. "The Timuzhen brothers expected everything. Daxi Xinjue did indeed send in troops, and in the name of Qian Man, he assembled a huge army of 150,000 troops. Now, it is approaching the court of the king. I have ordered Ulle to deploy defense, and at the same time have all the tribes send reinforcements as soon as possible."省钱宝防恶意点击|




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