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北京冬奥会概念股早餐第一步"Kill!" The death of the robe did not bring too much shock to the guanzhong soldiers, from the first day into the army, has had the idea of death, at the moment pretty soldiers arrived, a group of soldiers quickly pulled out to cut swords, formed a small array, with each other to fight together."Here!""With the life of your family, and I can make it easier for you to die." Lv Zheng calmly said, "At least you can suffer less!"

"How do you... how do you stay?" Wu jin some harsh way."Cao cao also sent troops?" Zhuge liang face a change, sink a track."Cloud long careful, jiangdong rats, Hugh cold arrow!" A violent drink, but see guan yu rear, a veteran with a group of military forces, across a distance of three hundred steps, see tardif to put the arrow, sent out a cry of anger, a bow in the hand of five feet long treasure bow, across a distance of nearly three hundred steps, an arrow.北京冬奥会概念股Just if you don't go in, before the clamor so fierce, but now back off, that is too humiliating.

北京冬奥会概念股"Sun Quan looked at Huang Gai and others, sink a track:" You command the rest of the water army, if jun water army to attack, will not let it ashore!Countless jingzhou soldiers looked at the dejected jiangdong army, brazenly laughed.On the other hand, li hun received the message, then the whole time, ready to go into the city to assist ma they captured lu zheng, before they had time to leave, then see the male broad sea with a wave of troops, each is the guanzhong elite, people have not yet arrived, the fierce Xiao Keli gas has permeated.

"Dead!" Zhang fei some incredible, that sand mo ke ability he knows, and he fought, also can support a 40 or 50, wei martial arts is good, but zhang fei estimates that the most also with sand mo ke between bozhong, how can be so quickly killed by wei?"Since you want to die, then close a will give you a ride!" Guan yu cold hum 1, urged the horses, watchful looking at tardif hand carved bow, the other side of martial arts, not to mention, but the archery, it is unstoppable."He can't get away!" Tracing the cause of sneer at 1, looked to qu acheng way: "let he qi after the qu, on the spot, others follow me chase guan yu!"北京冬奥会概念股




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