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菅なつ|安莟"After this war, the duke should seek an exit as soon as possible, meng jin could not stay for a long time, cao meng DE has already had the heart to give up fighting, liu jingzhou alone difficult support, jingxiang place, outstanding people, a great number of wise and virtuous scholars, the duke when looking for wise and virtuous scholars...... "Sima lang said this on and off. In fact, he hoped that liu bei would go to his brother. His brother's talent was far beyond his own.Liu shi slightly one zheng, dejected looking at his son, absentminded, seems to see the young yuan shao general."Huh?" Wen-chi raise my head and face on the lyu3 bu4 met in the chest, think about feel funny, CAI wenji before although not refused to lu bu, but will show no such intimate manner, but this time come back later, attitudes have changed a lot, investigate its reason, or lyu3 bu4 at the beginning of the first fill in yinshan, let wen-chi mistook lyu3 bu4 wenwu, mood also follow changes.

"Well!" People's eyes flash across the excited look, that lyu3 bu4 under general guarding the parties, lyu3 bu4 can bring, in addition to the sea, zhou cang, ginger Jiong holds the three big kiss who lead, also only ma dai, MOS rail brothers are some will slightly, can follow lyu3 bu4 war, longing for two out of d ring, rushes out yourself a winner youth generals, is undoubtedly a chance to prove my ability, now back to camp, began to recall.The hurried footsteps interrupted the short silence, but jiang lost came in hurriedly through the door and handed to lv bu, saying: "Lord, I just got the news that cao cao's army has crossed the Yellow River and stationed troops in liyang."Hundreds of ships have been prepared, but the soldiers are not used to water warfare. I'm afraid it will not be easy for them to break the ferry." "The head of the battalion laughed bitterly.菅なつ|"Maybe." Lombardi gently shook his head and look at zhang he said: "the pecking order, but show, although the intrepid, domineering, like rate, show just pick me up, I stand at the moment all the turmoil, cao" and the northwest tiger tiger, if my death, two men will be teamed up to attack, JiZhou, can't afford to internal friction, our righteousness, and I have the wish to entrust to you, hope our righteousness."

菅なつ|'last leave! The magnificent sea a salute, turned and walked, without the slightest muddle."Zhongkang, come slowly! Cao cao has not come out, the voice has been anxious to call up, but it is too late."Don't worry." Lv bu waved his hand and gesttioned for him to sit down. He said, "your honor has been proved on that day that you do not want to defile your honor's name.

To liaodong after the war, the changan, in addition to Addis, I'm afraid I also have no too many people focus on, lyu3 bu4 also just let you state and then a group of grassroots officials as well as the justice department related personnel ready to office, and wu huan problem, this is zhang in west cool the ruling experience, before compiling, fusion wu huan should have no problem."Those families are so stupid. If jingzhou is gone, what will they do?" Lu lingqi frowned."If yuan shao were to perish, jizhou would fall apart!" Jia xu did not understand the fate, but gave his objective evaluation, if lv bu is the truth, that according to the information collected in these days, yuan shao's eldest son yuan tan and the third son yuan shang, will inevitably because of the loss of the child and conflict.菅なつ|




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