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兽兽大乱斗装备合成赛富通多少钱"Some regrettable, so big battle, I wait for now, but teng not hand to come!" Shook his head, lv bu smiled.Zhaoyun looked at pang tong and shook his head with a sad smile.

'more than that, Sir! Zhou cang will jia xu down, the horse will be tied to the side of the post, go to the rear of the horse, a horse leg to pick up: "Sir Look at this.Although the xiongkuo sea has always been the close personal guard of lv bu, but in terms of force, under lv bu's account, there are really few people are his opponents, and lv bu also attaches great importance to the xiongkuo sea, even if it is diao chan and others, will not really look at the attitude of people to treat the xiongkuo sea.< / p > < p > now the city of these families see lv bu, with the mouse met the cat in general, think of nothing strange, no longer ignore the moment, with two love wife, continue to stroll the market.兽兽大乱斗装备合成First zero qiang king also frowns to see tu each king.

兽兽大乱斗装备合成Ordinary people naturally do not have such cumbersome etiquette, at least in the memory of lv bu, did not have this kind of treatment, shook his head, touched some at a loss to touch the head of the maid, looking back at liu yun said: "since into the door of lv jia, lu jia will follow the etiquette, red tape, can province province."This is... An order to ride an hussar?" Hand was immediately a change, it is to a title of generals in ancient times the lyu3 bu4 private production, a title of generals in ancient times to the existence of lu bu, and only a few of sealing the general of a general and the chang 'an sentinels and know that it doesn't make any sense in front of ordinary people, but for the man who knows the gold MEDALS, a title of generals in ancient times makes a anyone see that such as lu bu, must be unconditional."Gong tai, within ten years, I will make guanzhong the center of the whole world, and everyone will be proud to live in guanzhong!" Came to the workshop outside, looking at the huge sails in the wind under the promotion of slow rotation, lu bu thousands of heroic road.

I don't know why the Lord has singled out you monkey cubs. But since you are selected by the Lord, you must become the best soldiers in the whole world as you are riding the elite troops of the general's house. Don't embarrass me by his mother!" Zhou cang was carrying a large sword, and his voice was so loud that it made my ears ring."The general to protect my small desperate, when I thanked the general is, not to polite, go back to the house. Lv bu patted liao hua's shoulder, with liao hua and a group of wounded soldiers into the house, let Yang xi command no injured home and city guards to clean up the body.If the hands, any one guard out, can mow down the ugly ghost ten, but if it is mouth, a group of guards together, not a very ugly ghost of a small, a group of people back and forth just a few words, against the ugly ghost scolded the dog blood.兽兽大乱斗装备合成




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