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山形健死了玻璃钢冷却塔价格There's a sea of fire ahead, Even if you rush in, Nor could they take Chengtou, but also in the face of a wave of slaughter on the wall, Yes, is slaughtered, in the loss of shield protection, archers line of sight is blocked by fire, luckily not into the sea of fire west cool soldiers, did not escape the tragic fate, seibel is almost a combination of attacks, not only let the west cool army surprise attack advantage vanished, let the whole west cool army covered with a layer of shadow."General Wen Chang is a great general in the world, don't want to account is also full of talented people." Zhong yao said with a smile, this is a courtesy of nature, wei now martial arts may not vulgar, but also when not when the world general four words.

Lyu3 bu4 nodded and looked at the giffin. "The war has been raging in the west for a long time," he said. "I want to go to the first world war and decide on Korea. Can Wen He have a plan to teach me?"Han De stood in front of lyu3 bu4, only feel the blood in the chest as if boiling, desperately need to vent, suddenly lifted the hatchet in the hands of the hatchet, shout loudly: "don't destroy the huns vow not to return!""Poof ~"山形健死了Zuo Xianwang's tribe was destroyed, the han Chinese soldiers wantonly slaughtered and plundered, call kitchen spring don't care, this kind of thing is common in the grassland, but the han people are stationed less than 50 miles from their king's court, let call kitchen spring have a kind of feeling like a lump in the throat.

山形健死了"Naturally." D cold hum 1, proudly looked at lyu3 bu4, martial arts lost, he didn't want to even be despised by this person, lang track: "to kill then kill, d never surrender!""Where 's Lao Wang?" Cheng Gongying a hold on a qiang people, snapped."Well, two generals and with me." Wei Yanshou a lead, let a new one thousand soldiers, with He Yi He Man brother into handsome account.

Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, slowly raised the hand of the party day painting ji, contemptuously pointing to all the huns, although not speaking, but the disdain for the eyes and actions, thoroughly aroused the huns bone fierce, almost at the same time, eight huns general roared with their weapons to lyu3 bu4.He wants to provoke the relationship between Korea and Marten, In order to make the west cool civil strife, unable to look south, to win a relatively stable external environment for themselves, but also for the future soldiers into the west cool, so he hopes that Korea hence and marten, but don't want two too early to separate the victory or defeat, a divided west cool obviously more in line with lyu3 bu4's interests than a unified west cool."Pound!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Pound and said, "Remember, keep it!"山形健死了




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