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津南区haobc|雅诗媚尔隐形蜂膜Chapter 88 luoyangXun you smiled and shook his head. "you are not liu biao. You can help lu bu to contain our army."Second sister, I need your help in this matter." In the back yard of the imperial palace, in liu biao's bedroom, CAI MAO bowed his head and said quietly.

"Rectify ye cheng and bury the bodies. Now wei county is under the control of our army. We need to appease the people and put the responsibility on lv bu. Xun you shook his head and smiled. "there are many things to be done. The sovereign is in distress."No!"Virtuous younger brother if have no matter, accompany me to walk." Liu biao nodded, and did not continue to say, but with liu bei in the house of jishi wandering up.津南区haobc|Lyu3 bu4 now want to do is to control the whole situation, but not everything contend for the first, jun not and will contend for the front, no one's time, so also be forced to do, now under the command of talent, also need not everything by lyu3 bu4 personally dozen, such words iron body also can't bear.

津南区haobc|As for the western region of the thirty thousand army can not be lightly moved, not only to suppress the slaves of zhangye, more importantly, to deter the western region countries.Half an hour warm-up down to see the look of ginger Jiong, pang tong complexion is pale, freezing, the girl who has already started to take the white spirit, this is not the same as march, but have been efforts to sprint again, fortunately, these girls are all experienced a strong elite, but even so, lyu3 bu4 stop time, each one almost the last point in the body strength to drain."Mr. Zhengnan rest assured, I have ordered the old general han rong to back up the second brother." Yuan shang smiled and said, "han rong is the only veteran under yuan shao's command. He is known as the king of guns in hebei. Although he is old now, he is old and vigorous, and he is more proficient in the art of war.

"You...... "Although CAI shi is surprised, did not fluster however, frowning looks at huang zhong 2 people.Is not seibel by coss, just plus above ground forces on the gap between the two sides natural advantages, let coss birth is in an impregnable position, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 is both playing with cao cao spent in jizhou, cao cao has also spent gradually transferred to the stability of jizhou and the situation in qingzhou, hay gradually tight, tuen mun and j thirty thousand troops, people eat a horse all day chewing, and j is too far away from xuchang, the way of consumption is a huge spending.'come again! With an unbelieving look at his opponent, pound charged forward again, but this time his sword was much more stable than before, and he no longer fought with courage.津南区haobc|




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