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邹姝雯木枣口服液"Two things, one happy, the other, for us, is really not happy, but also not bad, basically not our business, wen he first listen to which?" Subordinate one complexion is heavy, lv bu is indifferent however self-composed, before and after two lifetime, the thing that he experiences is too much, strong wind big wave already is insufficient to describe his experience, now, even if be the sky collapse ground crack, lv bu won't knit a brows.The sun is still sparing no effort to bake the earth, the school on the sound of the trumpet has never stopped, lv bu found a branch on the ground to write a picture, talk with jia xu focus on the next world situation."Sorry, in my chest revenge has not been done, do not want to accompany the young lady to die young, or miss big can kill me with a knife, but even if dead, pang mou also do not want his life has such a failure! With a cold snort, pang tong sneered.

Went forth blood, diffuse flesh become some rare under sun quartermaster, sudden attack, let the huns in an instant into a dilemma between Scylla and Charybdis, qiang wang saw Wolf come reinforcements, although I do not know why these han will appear here, but excited, Wolf qiang soldiers morale to flame, also killing big many."Committed to victory, wen far and pound, can, just now pound injury, poor in line, and presided over by wen far west cool, military and civilian interim west cool secretariat, meng is after fubo generals, today was sealed up for general fubo meng, assisted with ma dai wen far governance west cool, I leave eighty thousand wasteland, cool place in west counties." Lv bu will have been ready to print the tattoo to zhang liao road."But even if the number of soldiers in the city is small, there are hundreds of soldiers guarding the city, but there are only dozens of women accompanying the girls. How can the city be destroyed?" Pang tong looked at a group of women soldiers, for the former lu lingqi with a group of women soldiers almost will jingxiang general to the capture of life do not believe, this group of delicate women, is to go on an outing outing, he letter, but the march battle can not believe.邹姝雯"You jingxiang people can't afford to lose!" Lu lingqi disdained to use a long gun clap clap wenpin's shoulder way: "deal with a few women all want to make such a big battle?"

邹姝雯After lyu3 bu4 in zhongyuan kill a circle is back, and this time is current, millions of immigrants, and then losing streak zhong yao, d, then is west cool, surprise xiongnu king, rushed through the great fame, Yang Ding thought himself with lyu3 bu4 old, so his refuge, thought, with the former friendship, advance, but the gap between reality and ideal is too big."This thought, with the disaster, can chaos chang 'an, even if you can not kill lu bu, but also let him taste the bitter family destruction, unfortunately... "In the eyes of the teachers of the law, there flashed a deep hatred and madness:" the whole city of old and noble families, even in the section under lv bu's insolence! Such a missed opportunity.""Is there anything like that?" < / p > < p > lu bu nu way, had taken Yang xi to the war, because she is the white water qiang people, can better help lu bu command the white water qiang, and after the war, also was sent back to chang 'an lu bu, peace of mind when her general lady, did not think that lu lingqi will be in this kind of thing on hold.

In a different world, although it is a reversal of space-time, or two space-time is not on the same line, but these things are not important."Yes." With a wry smile, the man nodded and said, "before the huns withdrew, they asked for help because they were killed by general lu in the rear."The beginning of the battle of guandu was half a year earlier than the battle of guandu in lv bu's memory.邹姝雯




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