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泷川京子|保安门Chang 'an, the beginning of the battle was very abrupt.Status: the leader of one party (the power is determined at the beginning, the people are stable, there are more than 10 famous cities under the control, and the host has preliminary strength to compete for the world)Last life although doing business, but lu buke did not prepare to build a business empire plan, to business rich country, to industry strong country.

Lv bu nodded, looking at the hands of the new painting of the halberd, a bold spirit between the breast, proudly said: "this halberd has the unpredictable power, then call it the halberd of the devil side!""Thirty thousand army nature can not all take away, you tonight night choose three thousand loyal soldiers, the city horse concentration, one person three riding, more negative grain, tomorrow morning, make the army fled the illusion, out of the city, three thousand iron horse quickly from the direction of zhang ye gallop, as for the rest, do not need to tube."By the way, two thousand people will be brought to him. General fei has just set up hetao, and he needs more hands. < / p > < p > yue wang is very simply to give up the right to arms, he knew that if they hold the right to arms, the time of the yue family is not far away.泷川京子|

泷川京子|Lyu3 bu4 was about to speak, move suddenly in the heart, only feel suddenly produce a sharp pain in his eyes, in d wondering eyes, lyu3 bu4 covering her eyes, on horseback, vehemently repressed the growing pain, as if eye will burst at any time, for a long time, that sort of tingling just slowly disappear, at the same time, the tip of the ring system in our mind."The duke intends to build a new department of justice on the basis of the existing one, which is specially responsible for the implementation of the law. It is thought that zhong li will soon be promoted and put in an important position. He will no longer have to be subordinate to me." Jia xu said with a smile, "originally, chang 'an academy was going to open a law course only to learn zhongli's talent. When it could open a course, it would be delayed for several years."Chen gong sniffed the speech with a smile and did not answer, maybe, who will know the future? However, chang 'an at present, it does give people a sense of vitality.

"Noise!Before well, lyu3 bu4 while asking, but I can't forget this talent, Addis can specifically for women to watch, can't let him run, pang tong humble scholars, so for freedom is quite loose, by contrast, at least not tied to a fellow prisoner of hire is much more painful, be put in the general office of bavin room directly, let a person to once a day, but also can't let him eat satisfied, open JingXiang star, this month, but much more tragic.< / p > < p > two people in the new wild outside, fighting fifty rounds, but lu lingqi is the battle, this is the first time the enemy, excited from time to time to send out a high scream, the more ruthless and spicy marlery, let the wenpin even gave birth to a sense of support.泷川京子|





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