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永恒影院yhyy藏疆壮根丸"Who else is coming?" Lyu3 bu4 tiger eyes swept through the dense crowd around, lang track."Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo …"Chapter forty-three soft bones

"Is he all right, sir, my lord?" It's the sable cicada."Is that you? Why are you here?" See the strapping man, haoshuai remember this person is that day to follow giffin up the mountain, see each other eyes show fierce light, heart can not help but a fear, want to step back."No, not enough." Giffin smiled and said, "Tomorrow is the day of the annual sacrifice of Baishui Qiang. In this sacrifice, the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people will be chosen, and then the Qiang warriors will fight for it. As long as they can win the final victory, they will get the most beautiful woman of the Qiang people. Xu hopes that the master will bring back the beauty."永恒影院yhyy"Now zhong yao united west cool, Side by side, But actually, Jun now in the three auxiliary is the weakest side, Cao cao is far away in xuchang, for the guanzhong, instead is marten Korea hence, is the enemy of our army in the future, zhang embroidery, you go to assemble cavalry, and will be able to mobilize the whole army of horses to me to assemble, be sure to let our cavalry double, to the west cool army, first of all can't be weak, have to dismount, let them know, our army can't make light. " Lyu3 bu4 ignored the words of Chen Gong, looked at Zhang Xiudao.

永恒影院yhyy"Kung-tai?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back and smiled in amazement. "It's so late, why haven't you gone to rest?"Lyu3 bu4 faint smile, He had no intention of competing with these Qiang lads, After all, it's kind of bullying, But it's about the white water qiang attachment, if not what the first beauty, lyu3 bu4 also want to marry her back, even when a mascot in the future, this attitude must have, of course, beauty is better, don't say this age, even in the past life, a strong man with multiple women is not what angry things."So, Meng De want to change back to zhong yao, also need to take hay." Lyu3 bu4 laughed.

Lyu3 bu4 a stare, this just found himself still naked, look a hertz, he unexpectedly in front of an old man... Turned his head to look aside to endure a smile of big Joe and little Joe, lyu3 bu4 sneer at, a pull open the skirt of little Joe's chest, grimly smiled and said: "Funny?""Hey, how dare you?" Xiongkuo haiwen speech, is some disobedience, since ancient times no first wu no second, listening to others in their ears say how fierce others, naturally uncomfortable, disdainfully curled his mouth: "is not what people have the right to call thousands of improper courage, I'm afraid, also can only be male in the qiang people!""Is Wen You Coming?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled greeted marotta sit down.永恒影院yhyy





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