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孙玙倩|欧麦诗怎么样Zhang Gu Wenyan said, eyes a move, wry smile way: "General forgive me, the city hay has been moved by two generals, now the city, also only the people have some hay in hand, or XiaGuan help general..."A series of stuffy sound, hussars eyes wide open, more than a dozen knife and gun will stab his chest bloodstained, has no rest, eyes or fierce stare into the sky, around him, four or five were amputated feet of reinforcements sent out a shriek of heartbreaking screaming in place, blood like a fountain gushed from the fracture."Why..." Zhaoyun blankly looked at pang tong, since lyu3 bu4 has prepared the way for the family, why the family is still opposed to lyu3 bu4.

When both sides see a large number of military forces suddenly appeared, are surprised, thought in the enemy's ambush, but look at each other's reaction, obviously not so."Son of a bitch! That wei yan is one of the earliest four world wars under lyu3 bu4 will, once defeated zhong yao under the bully, slay general cao peng, how can be nobody?" Xu chu dissatisfied stood up anger way."Yes." The knight, startled, hurriedly said: "The Kifu tribe has been breached, when the subordinates feel, leaving only a ruin and corpse, subordinates are from the description of nearby herdsmen, guess that the attack on the Kifu tribe, should be Timuzhen and the 500 warriors he took away, the head of the Kifu tribe patriarch was also hung on the flagpole."孙玙倩|"Since the general opening, XiaGuan should obey orders." Zhang gu hurriedly way, as long as he doesn't drink, do anything.

孙玙倩|"Of course, lyu3 bu4 is also doing now." Pang Tong Dao.At the moment of leaving the gate, Zhaoyun suddenly stupefied, Stunned to see under the morning sun, Qiao stood in the morning light of the woman, no longer wearing armor, a coarse cloth stiffness, waist sword, a silver gun obliquely hung on the horse, so quietly looking at him, waist is still straight, even coarse cloth stiffness, also difficult to hide the heroic, very different from ordinary women, at the moment in the eyes of zhaoyun, is particularly moving.

Early the morning of the fourth day of the army's departure, Is playing endure strength lyu3 bu4 in the courtyard, suddenly heart induction, looked up at the sky, but see the whole huns king's court, belongs to the king's air is rolling, hidden, it seems that there is a desperate roar, a sense of depression from the air pressure down, seems to want to lyu3 bu4 the outsider to be excluded.And then the women of the Huns, These seemingly trivial women, I'm afraid is really let the troops become so fragile root cause, those people after the huns tribe, consume too much energy in women, and then ceaseless overnight back, in this case, suddenly attacked, and then in the dark can't see how many people each other, bombed the camp! I'm afraid the beggar goyang to the end do not know who attacked yourself."Then go and see him before he thinks we're afraid of him!" Think of Wang Ting may have exposed the identity of Lan Zhan, Kirby can have some anxiety in the heart, and didn't notice the two people behind the wrong-looking, with men aggressive to kill outside the camp.孙玙倩|




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