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武夷学院余海燕|健康美增肥丸"Roar ~" a title of generals in ancient times self-knowledge will die, immediately roar 1, also ignore those stabbed knife and gun sword ji, his face flashed a ferocious ferocious color, in the hands of the sword to sweep around with all his might.From zhang he sent someone to notify lyu3 bu4 koubian news, until now also only after ten days, ten days, plus along the way consumption of time, zhang he thirty thousand troops unexpectedly failed to stop lyu3 bu4 for five days, was lyu3 bu4 breached the wild goose gate."What's going on?" A few xiongnu leaders left the tribe rushed out of the camp, frowning pulled the fleeing xiongnu soldiers.

Lyu3 bu4 put on clothes, sitting on the side of the bed, the mind did not lose the ability to think because of extreme hyperactivity, but become more calm, indifferent to sit on the bed beside the tub, cold to see the woman's delicate body against the tub slowly slipped, but still immersed in the aftermath of a long time can not return to mind.Zhang he listened to these, some stunned, looked up, but saw the stars, he can recognize some of the stars, but one of the doorways, he groped for years, but nothing, see falling in to the grant said, also can not help but grow a little awe, hesitate to ask: "how about the stars now?""Boy?" Zhou Cang frowned and looked at He Man and said, "Leave him alone and kick him out."武夷学院余海燕|"King Xie!" Lyu3 bu4 face showed a touch of excitement, bow down after a worship, followed by the head sent to pick soldiers.

武夷学院余海燕|Quebec head did wait for urgent, however, temuzhen such a hero on the side, than on the other hand down to deal with their own more reassuring, if really can't control, then kill him, also can't let him take refuge in the hands of others, one day run to deal with yourself, that's a nightmare for anyone."Master!" Sentence tu and upright when like a ghost appeared behind lyu3 bu4, cold dark eyes, flashing a terrible opportunity to kill."King Xie!" Lyu3 bu4 face showed a touch of excitement, bow down after a worship, followed by the head sent to pick soldiers.

But time changes, as lyu3 bu4 swept the grasslands, stirring up civil strife in xianbei, buried two hundred and fifty thousand main xianbei, to now, no one dare to describe lyu3 bu4 with these four words, if lyu3 bu4 close to, with his reputation in the north now plus lyu3 bu4 bing identity, for Yuan Shaojun, that is a real disaster.Don't look at Tuoba Ji Fen before a strong supporter of their own appearance, Kirby can tell, It's just a question of standing in line, On the prairie, between tribes, Just as between the governors of the Central Plains and the governors, There are no eternal friends, If Kobe can keep winning, then Tuoba Ji Fan will become a staunch supporter of himself step by step, Even murong gui, ke sin and go to jin stop tu is also so, because they have no choice, but now a decision-making error, let this coby can and lan zhan agglomerated out of the trend by lyu3 bu4 sheng blow, before he shot step of root accumulation of prestige also dissipated, and must bear the adverse consequences of the backlash.At the same time, Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder also received the news.武夷学院余海燕|




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