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250pp c om水果机定位器"Not line, today Japanese general must see Lord male!" Liu DHS"Oh?" A frown on his forehead suggested a most opportune momentContinued attack for liu bei, so for now, but the burden on the logistics problems, and, more importantly, the fundamental impregnability, the fault closed like a barrier between luoyang and jingzhou, that kind of feeling of despair that six months he felt more than once, even guan yu, huang zhong this several times in Athens personally led by each other under the condition of forced back, liu bei has been don't know if I should how to support cao cao.

If ever, according to the rules, the shu army at least also want to lay off half, only elite, but for now coming, intones difficult line, also not good again from changan and luoyang military forces, and although the guanzhong army elite, but, after all, quite special, and that a set of methods in guanzhong plain in shudu doesn't fit, but is more convenient to use the shu army, and swaney, ling bract these dependency to defect of shu will be more proficient in combat, with their help, more can get twice the result with half the effort."Trick? Lv meng rolled his eyes and pointed to the surroundings, saying, "what kind of trick can there be? Or were their men lying in wait under the water? This boat doesn't draw very deep, and if there were any men in it, it wouldn't be more than ten. Go and tow her.""General, go! Xing daorong heard the sound of singing gold, suddenly such as meng amnesty, then play, I'm afraid today I have to explain here.250pp c om

250pp c omWhile the cao camp was busy building a new defense system under cao cao's command, a cao army came to meet wang Yin on songshan mountain, a hundred miles away from xingyang."Ji chang, you go to summon yu chang, I have a letter for him to deliver on my behalf.""I will be turned back today He stood up, turned his head and looked around at the assembled soldiers. "there is no noble reason," he said. "it is because liu zhang has slept with my wife, and that bitch has secretly murdered me

Will jiangdong send troops at this time?Zhuge liang's eyes on the map down the Yangtze river, he has roughly understand lu bu's intention.250pp c om





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