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鸣樱h文|二手4500Xunyou suddenly, with the name of yingchuan, heard about it naturally. After thinking about it, xunyou smiled and said, "since you and I each have their own words, you have a compromise idea for the reference of duke xuande.""Of course not." Zhang fei shook his head moodily: "what come is a miscellaneous fish, not zhou yu at all, kongming, you miscalculate, think also, so dangerous thing, zhou yu how can come over personally."Exchanges, the two countries will not be the nose, after a little absence, lyu3 bu4 then found wrong, what they actually don't need to worry about ZhuGeLiangYou new inventions, he want to do, is growing, any towers big idea, in the face of the real power, is a paper tiger, as long as strong enough, no need to worry about what the enemy will be made moth, his promotion average-land system, have to face the world family disapproval of ambition, but now he was zhuge liang a move to the wrong mind, only this one, have to zhuge liang long enough, think afterwards, lyu3 bu4 also feel some funny, He did not lose in front of these historical advisers, but lost a book by luo guanzhong.

"Lift shield ~" guan yu commanded, jingzhou army quickly raised the shield, single shot crossbow range has reached the limit, shot here, is already a spent arrow, can not penetrate the shield.Night, everyone was asleep, but not zhou yu, he couldn't sleep, or spirit is too high, the wars, and his plan for seven years, in such an opportunity, such as world war I had chance to jingzhou, original Cai Liu strive for originally is zhou yu's opportunity to benefit from, unfortunately, his mistake, the emergence of zhuge liang, will break his plan, bloodless, won the jingzhou to zhou yu's plan of flowing water.< / p > < p > sit down horse began to charge, around the cao army immediately let go of a channel, xia houyuan crazy horse running, with a gust of wind, the hand of the sword dragged on the ground, issued a shrill hum.鸣樱h文|Almost in the same month, liu bei, liu zhang, sun quan and even the taxi families far away in jiaozhou in the south all responded one after another. Liu zhang took zhang ren as the general, led the elite troops in shu, sent jiameng and baishui, and stationed troops in langzhong.

鸣樱h文|"Be careful! Shield hand shield!""Prepare for war! With a wave of his hand, zhou yu and his five hundred men quickly approached the gate, taking cover from the surrounding buildings....

"Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation.On the eighth day of march, liu bei qin led guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao, a strategist, to join the alliance. However, on the songshan mountain, flags were planted all over the place. Numerous flags fluttered in the wind, showing a solemn and solemn atmosphere."What the hell is this? Pound stared at the unresponsive beast under the cover of the arrow, frowning.鸣樱h文|




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