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青春不败2120602二手越野卡丁车"Here!" Han De instinctively should 1, hurriedly will his armor tidy up again, awe at lyu3 bu4."Moon people?" Santa incredibly looked at his confidant, and then a blind cause of fire up, his face suddenly became difficult to look: "tu everyone I endure, when only the moon people also dare to run to our big huns territory? Give me to catch these dog things, I will personally torture them!"At and freeze to see the country so shape, helplessly shook his head, no wonder, for the country the drunk unexpectedly before the two of them is not strange, because the goods now licked his face with a family in cao fu to eat, heard a few days ago, the goods have been given to his house to sell cao cao.

Liu Gan's most valiant fighters, so in the moment of battle, died in each other's hands, make Liu Gan's all the huns soldiers fell into a dead silence in an instant."Good morning?" Candidate glanced at the lieutenant, disdain a way: "the court to play lyu3 bu4, but let us send troops, no hay, the general and with what work for them? Master let me this time, is to preserve strength, let the horse to hard with lyu3 bu4, if can defeat seibel, we go again not too late."青春不败2120602Xu togeher picked up eyebrows, Slightly glanced at ford, bowed down and said: "master can send someone to placate lyu3 bu4, send some money, at the same time, in order to guard against lyu3 bu4, send a general station troops in the area of the upper party, if lyu3 bu4 wolf ambition, want to take advantage of the rebellion, then attack, if can be safe, after we calm down cao cao, the military forces can also as a pioneer!"

青春不败2120602"Yes." Fang Yun is MiaoShang strong arm, usually many things are not to hide from him, this matter naturally know, the present 1510, will know the matter of their own bamboo said again like beans.Seibel gathered under the account of the warriors, spread out the map, frown at the map.Xun yu smell speech, can't help but sigh, cao cao now that has made up his mind, he is not good to continue to block, just in the heart lamented the fate of the royal family, now with cao cao's increasingly strong, offer emperor although your son of heaven, but now in the hands of cao cao, more like a political chip, no autonomy.

Chapter II MessageAfter a long thought, Korea hence also can't figure out what the other party's intention is, Lyu3 bu4, after all, now just a little force, even if recruited to drop the army, lyu3 bu4's men and d added up, but also forty thousand people, including thirty thousand in the front, the remaining military forces also have to guard the four sides, even if some, also can only draw out two or three thousand people at most, in today's situation, and what can you do?青春不败2120602




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