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井上优奈|代办消防"The Lord rest assured, mo is a general, even if the Lord want that old liu biao son, old male I also help you get." The magnificent sea is laughing and patting his chest."My Lord, there is a group of women who claim to be from the western regions. Jiang lost in a face came in, some strange way to lu bu.The cavalry under lv bu's tent caught a large number of, although cao cao's army has cavalry, but if you want to fight with lv bu on the cavalry, even if there is no equipment gap, it is difficult to win.

"Does the uncle remember him?" Lipan eyes flashed a beam of joy way."Although our huge crossbow was powerful, it was extremely difficult to add arrows. In the battle, the effect was not as terrible as it seemed. It would take half an hour before and after the battle. Pang tong laughed.Maybe, but so what? When the rout is formed, even if everyone's heart is like a mirror, but the people around are running, they can only follow the run, individual power in countless people gathered under the tide, not enough to reverse, can only drift.井上优奈|"Huh?

井上优奈|Pang tong's natural resentment cannot roar, splendidly as the two sides gradually let go of, also in a lively atmosphere over, pang tong tomorrow to go to luoyang, helped off in cao cao, lu bu is wa surname back into the room, this one night, perhaps because the sake of the family, wa surname is very active and enthusiastic, just those difficult action, prompting lyu3 bu4 funny, as for zhen, lyu3 bu4's true heart is enabled, the other hand holds the business contacts that across the country, however, lyu3 bu4 to grow in the future, even if the hand holds the numerous resources, but under the blockade of governors, want to open the central plains, the central plains of the money to earn, To establish their own business network is very difficult, with the zhen family this old merchant family help, it is easy, even if there is no zhen, lu bu will try to zhen family to pull his ship.Wu dang is wudang to get their own han name, after all, into the han nationality, with the previous name others heard that he is a foreign nationality, plus wu, wu harmonics, they will change their name to wu dang."Vuvuzela ~ vuvuzela ~" melodious horn sound, the broad kelp with soldiers and horses quickly off the battlefield, toward the direction of lu bu, at this moment, want to surround kill lu bu, has missed the best opportunity.

Others listen to his way, unconsciously avoid some, but the road is in the eyes of a flash of light, strode to the city."Guangping was lost, handan was captured, and lu bu's army has already marched in," lu kuang cried bitterly.井上优奈|




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