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男童被继母砍伤|降阻模块"How about these other trails?" Wei yan couldn't help but wonder, not to want to take the path, but have a guard, if someone bypass the path to their rear, it can be broken."It has been the custom since ancient times for two armies to engage in battle without cutting an envoy. The general's tragedy, the end will also deeply sympathize with, but the general because of this and implicated state affairs, it is not wise, the end will not be able to look at the general repeat one's mistakes. Zhuo Yang calmly took back his sword and looked at liu"Brother, truce?" Guan yu looked at liu bei in surprise.

"My Lord, the mystery of death has led to this day Liu splash of a DHS, kneeling in front of milan, hoarse voice, with a sharesAnd wei thought originally, all this above levels, at least also can to some hysteresis of pang tong, can let oneself with a great army and pang tong rendezvous, but the result is still disappointed him, from LangZhong has been marching to the mianzhu, all passing by the city, has been put on the banner of the lyu3 bu4, let wei gives birth to an illusion of a march in their own territory."Commander, mission complete. Retreat?" "Asked a nighthawk guard, bending forward.男童被继母砍伤|"My husband should put state first. How dare I look strange? My husband, please take a rest. I will retire first." The pretty woman shook her head with a smile.

男童被继母砍伤|Now the world is not decided, lu bu can not use all the energy in shu, and only from the central plains, it is obvious that the central plains is the best choice for lu bu next.Ford suddenly felt that he needed to find a way out, but standing with Chen obviously wouldn't give him that chance.Although zhuge liang enlisted the troops of thirty thousand ba county under yan yan, pang tong directly captured one hundred thousand shu troops from langzhong, where zhang ren, deng xian, ling bao, gao pei and Yang huai all belonged to lu bu.

"Ha ha ~" zhuge liang shook his head, for the character of zhang fei, he also pretty speechless, but this time to fight against the bashu, less zhang fei can not."Impressive? Yan yan wen yan, can not help sneer at a voice: "I would like to see how strong he is, bearer, eight thousand troops, with me to the battle!""It is the building boat of jingzhou." A soldier recognized the ship's flag, complexion a shen: "quickly inform general lu!"男童被继母砍伤|




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