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1000人艺体艺术波谷|茶酵母"I have also heard of the defeat of Xuzhou. It is not a crime of war, but the Chen clan is too abominable. They secretly communicate with Cao Cao!" Emperor Xiandi snorted coldly and thought, "Let's go and find Princess Wannian. I haven't spoken to my sister for years.""Lyu3 bu4 can have retreat?" Korea hence smell speech, frown asked."General Peng can't underestimate this person, and..." Middle-aged scribes sink a track: "This person has been the third batch of scouts, if that stationed in bullying warrior alert, I'm afraid at the moment has been found inappropriate, here should not stay long, we first returned to Hedong, after I contact the west cool Korea hence, marten, do not mind."

"Master, we sent!""Yuan often, the master sent someone to send some property to lyu3 bu4, want to lyu3 bu4 this time also don't want to be enemy with master, just..." Country clutching a glass, frown thinking: "since the view of lyu3 bu4 out of xuzhou, great unusual, jia thought, when we increase the intelligence collection of the three auxiliary place, in the future our army and lyu3 bu4, there will be a big war!""Here!" Xu Sheng bow down to lead the life, after the first world war, seibel has established enough prestige in the hearts of all.1000人艺体艺术波谷|Xinfeng county if on weekdays, was not what important place, but now, is jun based on the foundation of jingzhao, xinfeng a loss, equal to break the zhong yao based on the root of jingzhao, zhong yao even if the alert is not in volt, but in jingzhao, also has no foothold.

1000人艺体艺术波谷|Zhong yao by the faint light, looked at YuanMen that half a day did not move the "soldiers", with eyes motioned for generals.Staying at the camp horse play, Li Kan has not returned to camp, suddenly heard the screaming ShaSheng mournfully shrouded the whole barracks for a moment, face can not help but change, have rode with QinWei came, is see d with men killed in the camp soldiers fled around.RiLe sink a track: "Do you know that the han Chinese master will be who?"

"War is rampant, and some damage is inevitable." Lyu3 bu4 cool way."I have ordered the Ming army to come, hoping to catch up!" D cold hum 1, on horseback out of the city, he just got intelligence today, although the other party did not reveal their identity, but these days with unusual behavior, let d heart doubt, now only hope to catch before father to dinner, to jincheng, otherwise, big Hugh."Roar ~" Ma Tie was wounded by an arrow, but the blood in his bones was inspired, roar, saber monarch a fierce fighting spirit, unexpectedly will larocca potential in a must-have shot swung open.1000人艺体艺术波谷|




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