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孔舒航图片|海白菜的价格The New Year, is the first day of the first month, this time there is no Spring Festival, the New Year is called shousui, as a side overlord, lu bu naturally can not only limited to a small artisan camp.Perhaps god really can't bear to see the demise of the huns, perhaps the huns pious prayer moved god, in the fire will be swallowed up by the army of 50,000, the sky, the accumulation of a long time of rain, finally began to fall, the patter of rain more and more, the rain is more and more.This is a verbal agreement, sima boda meaning, obviously if there is an opportunity in the future, will come back to compete with lu bu, but such a thing, who can say for sure, a year ago, who knew lu bu has this ability to rise from the dead, so great achievements? But for young people, it is also a hope, if one day, this achievement alone, he will be enough to establish himself in the other camp.

Loyalty is not out of the question, but doing things is cautious and conscientious, quite praised by the Chen palace, the month before the recommendation to lu bu, promoted to yong zhou don't drive, lu bu and Chen palace are interested in a period of time, will put zhang xiliang to serve as a key history., of course, but all depends on how the war in the central plains, if really let Yuan Shaoying cao cao, lu bu can preempt the wild goose gate, and devour bing, wei hilo-systems there will also be out of town, with the help of tiger fastened, branches few points in north-west to confronting with Carthage, but if that's the case, the next battle is played, so including lyu3 bu4, or want to cao cao able to win the battle."What to do, general?" Deputy will be embarrassed to see zhang he, this ferry also dozen dozen not dozen?孔舒航图片|Ma chao is in wander after a circle, find Wolf qiang's army, 1 pull up a Wolf qiang general, know well ask of drink a way: "your king?"

孔舒航图片|Today or yesterday for liu yun is a milestone in her life, from the moment they marry lyu3 bu4 start, their identity has been changed, but for lyu3 bu4, also only have one more important thing in life a woman, he has many things to do, cannot be too immersed in had sex."Yes." His deputy general zhang said, "general zhang also said that our army, whether it is equipping its soldiers or its own fighting abilities, may be a notch above general ju yi's former battalion.""Yo ~"

...Yes, no matter what the cause of the matter is, but lu lingqi after the action is equivalent to hit the face of the largest family in jingxiang CAI family, which in jingxiang shi, it is natural to come to find fault, not make trouble is what.He shook his head and looked at cao cao's disappointed look. He smiled sadly and said, "it is clear that you want to reap the benefits. It is better for your master not to report your great hope.""Fengxiao, sometimes your inference is annoying!" Cao cao smiled sadly and shook his head, saying that this was true, but really said, will be a little bit of hope in cao cao's heart completely scattered, really make cao cao love and hate.孔舒航图片|





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