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美达vpn罗汉鱼天下"Cloud long ah, you can have today is not easy, my brother is now the world situation in subtle, cao cao and lyu3 bu4 containment in the north, but the balance is very fragile, once change horses, may make the whole land of jingzhou to become the world governors race, no matter who wins who negative, to the end, you're my brother, it is difficult to imagine a, a way at this point, you and I can only believe that the bore is clear, can do, is to keep the nanyang." Liu bei sighed.Lu xun took a deep look at lu bu, did not speak."Yes, the subordinates will do it." < / p > < p > zhang yun quickly bowed a gift, hurried away from the CAI fu, while life people to the camp to order, but he turned a corner, took kuai family news.

This is not difficult to identify, although lu zheng and lu bu are not the same mold, but there is a 70 percent similarity, a little less than the impact of the face of lu bu, moderate peace, but do not lose masculinity, although young, but carrying a ball club, riding a horse, is quite heroic."Soldiers, do not be that day by the army looked down upon, shield, with me to kill in!" < / p > < p > small school excitedly brandished a long gun, as a temporary call to come over the local army, even without formal establishment, this rare with the day corps battle, he naturally hope to be able to establish some achievements, leave the county that place, join the regular army."Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"美达vpn"Presumptuous! Ma chao saw this lubricious eye man actually direct with lv bu dialogue, and tone irreverent, immediately cold hum 1, see that lubricious eye man: "who are you? How dare you dare to run wild before my Lord!"

美达vpn"No." An old hu monk came out, his hands clasped together, to lv bu a salute way: "just the Buddha door has the rules of the Buddha door, put down the butcher knife, stand on the ground become Buddha, that benefactress already sincere repentance, general why can't be lenient one side?""Oh?" Cao cao looked at each other and frowned, saying, "follow me.""When I was in college, the teacher said that everything should be taught but not restricted by force. The law is imposing restrictions on people's behavior. Lv zheng looked puzzled at lv bu.

"Fish scales? It seems that this general in hanzhong is not all straw." Looking at the whistling toward the hanzhong soldier horse, wei yan disdained to lower the lip, once again raised the broadsword, harsh voice way: "the crossbolt preparation, about preparation!""Let's see first. If we can regain the yangping pass, we can deal with it." Zhang lu shook his head.'good! < / p > < p > red man saw Yang ren to kill, eyes flash a smile, not flash not avoid, in Yang ren rushed to the moment, a dodge to avoid, at the same time a grabbed Yang ren's long gun, in Yang ren's eyes, arms power, a roar, the students will he off the horse back, fell on the ground.美达vpn




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