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山西环法尊道长|永恒币"The consigliere has suddenly arrived. What's the matter?" Han DE puzzled to see a face of serious jia xu."Ha, this month's wang now want to ask for help, it seems that before, really out of our army control of the mind." < / p > < p > hetao grassland, lu bu in the army accounts, after seeing zhang liao to their own information, lu bu hissing.It is not that no one can see the purpose of lv bu, will be the monopoly of knowledge from the hands of noble and noble liberated, but see how can? Either keep your integrity or starve to death, or, after three months of cold war, more and more celebrities finally choose to compromise.

Dostie over before the fire is lit, has already seen lyu3 bu4, many heavy rains, then put out the fire and let the huns from destruction, dostie just think of the other men may kill at any time, not like other huns blindly optimistic, at the time of the fire was put out gradually, he started Shouting around the soldiers to prepare for, is what's happening all too hasty, dostie command is still not fully enforced, lyu3 bu4 there have regardless of the fire is not entirely recede, launched the charge directly.The northern water army originally belongs to the side door son, even if is just the male power big yuan shao, under the command of the warship also does not have how many, now can only take fishing boat to fill.山西环法尊道长|Really have a lot of day, several challenges counterparts, fortunately, the west cool fighters are experienced battle, through this opportunity, quickly set up their own prestige, were the warriors in the zero, first, of course, there are several accepted the west is cool, pound had Israeli army under the rule of law, since made a promise, will also promote them up, not only have no effect on their own prestige, has won the first zero recognition, many status gradually stabilized.

山西环法尊道长|< / p > < p > in an instant, 56 female soldiers at the same time raised the rhubarb crossbow, the cold crossbow aimed at the road around juyan soldiers, the bodyguard see lu lingqi eyes hidden murder, for a while some panic, watching lu lingqi with horses and horses go toward the palace, all the way into the palace."Thank you, Lord." "Samba exclaimed.

Until han sui in the rear line out of the formation, mercilessly shot a large number of rampage burning when people, the chaotic scene gradually stopped, this time, the leaderless effect also appeared, some people want to call up the army to continue with han sui dead knock, some people think should leave, elected a new qiang king is the right thing to do.I didn't quite understand li ru's idea, but it was not easy for li ru, who was also a senior official under lv bu, to lose his face. He had to make a bad reaction and followed li ru after he entered."Wait! Not your majesty!" A qiang quickly stepped forward to stop burning when Lao wang, shen voice way: "your majesty still remember that horse teng is how dead?"山西环法尊道长|




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