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倾世皇妃剧情分集介绍|娇肤Sky, came a loud eagle cry, with a sound of joy, lyu3 bu4 looked up, the former eagle has grown up now, half a meter high body spread out wings, in the sky constantly circling."Master, step root this time but with twenty thousand troops, the TaBaJi powder and begging fu tribe, only more than ten thousand military forces, even if not win, also won't lose?" Sentence tu and upright when standing behind lyu3 bu4, puzzled asked.His eyes flashed over TaBaJi powder and MurongGui. Lyu3 bu4 raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly, "TaBaJi powder? MurongGui? How are they still alive? Kirby can, you dare to lie to me!? Have you forgotten that your woman is still in my hand?"

"Roar ~" a famous xianbei soldiers after the initial panic, began to frenzied to the people around the counter-attack, for a while, the whole tribe filled with fierce fighting sound.After the crowd had left, Step root just seriously looked to the head of Quebec way: "Eldest brother, this Tuoba JiFen thing, I'm afraid not a Tuoba tribe, I'm afraid, behind several other tribes also participate in it, I will take twenty thousand people, win the natural best, but if... I have any accident, please don't hesitate, elder brother must be timely use temuzhen, otherwise, king's court is over.""Roar ~" intense pain, concession degree root frenzied general a grasping uncle akun's neck, watching the soldiers in chaos constantly be killed by the herdsmen, at the same time, outside the tribe suddenly sounded earth-shaking horseshoes, step degree root face a change, his eyes spread a crazy look, mournful roar: "Why!?"倾世皇妃剧情分集介绍|"Archers, suppress!" Rear, pressure on the slave soldiers up the elite shooters of all nationalities this just launched an attack, crossbow began to pour arrows toward the wall, let ChengTou defenders can't brazenly kill slave soldiers.

倾世皇妃剧情分集介绍|"Taihang mountain area, there is a yellow turban remnant party, called Montenegro, across and, you, Hebei three states, with hundreds of thousands of people, lombardi had several times want to destroy and can't, if can persuade the military forces secretly to take refuge in us, master sent troops south in the future, bing land such as to explore." Giffin touched his beard and mused, "Please let General Hai come and let him go to Taihang Mountains. Let's get in touch first and see what Zhang Yan meant.""Click ~"No matter how good Kirby could have been to them, Kirby was dead after all, and the living would have to live on. In the situation has been irreversible, in addition to a small number of red-eyed people crazy to kill the army around launched a deadly charge, most people calm down, chose to surrender.

Also insomniacs, And Rajan, And the battle report and the battle result that Ule brought back, Contrary to her expectations, Although Ule said, Temujin doesn't know who the top spies are, But Rajan was sure, The man who had taken possession of himself in a tough way, I'm sure you do, Otherwise he would have been a Kirbner's knife ghost by now, and not the hero who solved the crisis in Wang Ting, More importantly, Kirby was able to do this because of one of his own faulty messages, Loss, even lost the ability to capture the king's court directly, five tribes have gone to its second, xianbei king's court prestige in the mingjiao temuzhen man's strong counterattack to re-establish, and so on, I'm afraid the king's court and even the whole xianbei, will eventually become temuzhen private property.Two people listened to dizzy, a face of blankness, didn't expect this thing there are so many ways, the han people are terrible, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes also more worship."Who is the lieutenant?" Lyu3 bu4 glance swept to the frightened county soldiers, indifferent way.倾世皇妃剧情分集介绍|




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