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54saobao邯郸黄页Jia xu hurriedly waved his hand and said, "the Lord, the male general's body is the responsibility of guarding the Lord's safety, should he move lightly?"Zhou cang had no choice but to shake his head with a bitter smile."He is a man among birds. It's a pity that he died. If he can't, let him go." Grand sea hear speech tutut strange way.

Although guo jia is very clear yuan shao's shortcoming, but the advantage of the other side is equally obvious, at least at present, most include cao cao's family are standing in yuan shao there, perhaps can disdain, but this point, can not ignore, cao cao can not lose, even if lost a battle, is likely to collapse.Shook his head, perhaps tomorrow, the month will perish, as the king of the month, let him how to sleep, looking at the general, eyes with a bit of hope way: "sent to ask for help? When will general fei's reinforcements arrive?"'rubbish! The magnificent sea hey smile 1, wave a way: "we walk!"54saobao"DE jong need not be polite." Jia xu smiled and said: "I don't know DE rong here, but there is something important?"

54saobaoChapter 63 binding peopleFor a long time, lu lingqi stood up, her expression was a little more cold than it had been in the past, there was still something heroic in her features, but it seemed to be a little different, what is it? She doesn't even know.Library pavilion the name have what meaning no one can say, literally it is easy to understand, heard had sorted collection of more than four thousand volumes of ancient books, infuriating, these scrolls have been lost in the war, and lu bu will collect books pavilion to jesson care, it is because the jesson have encyclopedic knowledge, can write down mostly, lyu3 bu4 let wen-chi restore ancient books in the library, in order to promote efficiency, also look for the ten women's knowledge of civilization in the feed.

"Kill!" Lu lingqi hit the hand, a few steps to grab, a silver gun pulled out, at the same time backhand sword, will roar rushed up the xianbei soldiers cut the hand to kill, twist the head shouted.Guo figure stand up, disdain way: "qiang people heavy interest, I just need xu with gold and silver grain, can make qiang people motionless even help our army!"Burn when Lao wang died, these former generals under Lao wang who also refuse to accept who, want to serve as a new generation of burn when qiang king, but prestige is not enough to convince the public, at the moment is panic, see no threat, for a time also can not rise to the idea of revenge for Lao wang, are guessing zhang liao's intention.54saobao




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