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淘宝好评店|二手恒温恒湿试验箱"Back to Lord, done." Li shuxiang shouted."Can't completely certain, but lu bu this person, is a gambler, he has a unique strategic vision, starting from the defeat in xuzhou, almost every time, there will be a huge benefit, just two years, lay the today's world, has become the enemy of master cannot ignore, although I don't know the details, but sure, lyu3 bu4 hand holds the information, we don't know if I expected, lyu3 bu4, at the moment I'm afraid already in bing, spent their jizhou.""HMMM ~" CAI MAO heard the words and nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, he looked at liu bei, who was sitting in silence, and said with a smile, "duke xuande?"

The voice that rings in the brain lets lyu3 bu4 eyes slightly a light, the promotion of gas of pseudo dragon, also representing oneself hussars ride battalion to be able to enlarge."Thank you, Sir." With a slight salute, liu bei, with guan yu and zhang fei, followed zhuge liang into the grass hut."Withdraw! Cao cao looked at lu bu's direction with a slight trace of frustration in his eyes, but he also knew that even if the war continued, it would only make lu bu gain more victories. Today, the battle was defeated.淘宝好评店|"Lord, just now our army was reporting a detailed report on jingxiang, when liu biao suddenly stationed his troops in wancheng. Xunyou came in and bowed to cao cao.

淘宝好评店|So-called hybrid learning, in fact, no matter which college did not open before, mainly artisan class is given priority to, also have some other is seen as a given, but chang an academy in the miscellaneous school almost no students, mostly learned a variety of characters in communication, everyone has a specialty talents, zhang liao is short of people around, so only from miscellaneous school caught a batch Numbers anyway, these people how much some skill, may help you."The original chang 'an city guard command han DE, now has been waiting outside the mountain." "Said zhou cang."Yo ~ forgot to tell you one thing, there is a time limit for eating, half of joss stick is limited, once the time has passed, there will be no food, jiang orz, some incense. Lv bu looks at a group of female soldiers to have the appearance of gas feebly, hey smile a way.

"Rumble ~""Go to hell! No prisoner's mind, and not in the mood to crap, lyu3 bu4 see freeze at the moment, only feel particularly dislike, but is common steeds, freeze traveled on where and red rabbit warriors, is a red rabbit head directly in a crash, lyu3 bu4 rein a rein, red rabbit was set up, in the freeze despairing shrieks, a pair of bowl size ruined ruthlessly trampled on the freeze in the chest."Jun yi? His face brightened. He hurriedly pulled zhang he aside and asked in a deep voice, "how many soldiers and horses did you bring back?"淘宝好评店|





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