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辣文np|大国医骨痛双贴"Just as the consigliere said, it would be very powerful if we could advance within eighty paces. However, we only advanced it within a hundred paces. "Shook his head, guan yu wry smile way:" even can't break open the other side shield."Strange to say, recently ling bao has not contacted us." Liu DHS shook"Forward with the crossbow!" Realizing that the enemy was not carrying a crossbow with such a long range, guan yu ordered the whole army to advance.

< / p > < p > a few pro wei wen, promised a sound, quickly came to the shield before the two soldiers will be hands buckle, the third pro wei directly on the arms of two people, with the help of two people jumped into the air, the shield inside."This is not difficult, just take enough food, wuxi pretty will agree." Ma liang nodded: "but our army and liu zhang originally as Allies, rushed to attack, in the righteousness of discord, do not know the strategist...... ""Too mean? Zhou yu looked at lu xun, shook his head and sighed, "I think bo yan has already gone to see his Lord and said these words before he came here."辣文np|"The four sovereigns have formed an alliance secretly under the joint arrangement of cao cao and liu bei. Although there is no definite information, both liu bei and cao cao are actively consolidating their forces." "The nighthawk bowed.

辣文np|"This is the seal of the king." Liu bei raised the ribbon and looked at the crowd and said."Commander pound of the shooting battalion under lv bu!" "The scouts bowed."Ready for the crossbow! The vast sea was not surprised but pleased, and the soldiers were not allowed to control the gate. This situation of a large number of enemy troops coming in within the narrow area was just enough to raise the power of the crossbow to the maximum.

Liu bei looked at liu xun and said with a smile, "naturally, zizhang is with me."Chapter 54 the last day of the thirteenth year of jian 'an"Lord calm down! Cao cao's book forward, bow, said: "gas hurt the body, and the die is cast, the Lord again angry will not have any advantage, the contrary will be that liu bei saw a joke, the wise man did not take.辣文np|





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