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花呗取现 悟空靠谱快速郦志隆Although the recent intelligence didn't send, but lyu3 bu4 secretly with jiangdong alliance, ready to help jiangdong drag cao cao, pang tong is already known, that was secretly settled long before the governors alliance, of course, the premise is that lyu3 bu4 can hold luoyang, now zhuge liang into shu, nature is jiangdong opportunity.Chapter one hundred and twelve inexplicable victoryThought of the three-thirds of the world policy, he set, now has become a bubble, without the shu, even if take jiangdong, in the face of lyu3 bu4, I'm afraid it's also a matter of time.

"Tomorrow will be led by general he qi army feint, attract guan yu's attention, general zhou led the water army from the port direction of attack, captured the port, don't need to go deep, just lead guan yu military forces to the river." Tracing the cause smiled at two people."Dang dang dang ~" many soldiers caught off guard, was the axe hit on the body, the axe is different from the arrow cluster, although not willing to shoot, but the destructive force is very big, foot soldiers plate armor did not play a lot of role, many people were directly killed by the axe on the spot, see Wei Yanxin blood, but at the moment, the other side of the soldiers have arrived.Looked at zhang fei panic fled, wei just slightly relieved, since the guanzhong crossbow formation, this is the first time wei played a positive contact war, three thousand guanzhong soldiers, the battle lost nearly five hundred people, although jingzhou army lost more, after the war inventory, can escape back to absolutely no more than two thousand people, but wei still feel lost.花呗取现 悟空靠谱快速Is not lu su heart hard, but at the moment he even if have the heart to open the city to save people, also want to worry about whether guan yu will immediately launch a surprise attack, guarding the spirit of the city soldiers has reached the limit, just relax at the moment, if guan yu take advantage of this time to attack again, the city may be breached at any time.

花呗取现 悟空靠谱快速"General, this..." A few lieutenants on the wall to see the real, this small-scale collision met shooting sound camp so elite, narrow area instead to provide convenience to each other, so on, the trench instead became the other side's cover, ChengTou archers are also difficult to hide in the trench of these guanzhong elite.Soon, Xing Daorong came back, also brought with him the military doctor help guan yu healing....

Jingzhou, Jiangxia.Wei Yanwen speech, the corner of his mouth twitched, This is due to information inequalities, Zhuge liang mastered the world intelligence, from the whole situation of jingzhou and shu, even jiangdong, and zhuge liang only focus on shu, information asymmetry, grasp the key points are different, pang tong to destroy the vitality of jingzhou army, and zhuge liang is to attack the city as soon as possible, take shu to lay a stable rear for liu bei.花呗取现 悟空靠谱快速





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