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悄悄告诉你|黄金火灸被"Is that veteran yan yan?" Wei yan sat on the horse, a thousand miles away from the mirror, looking at the side of the deng xian asked."General monda." There was no sign of madame chang or of madame chang in the room. But when they saw meng da, a man and a woman stood up and embraced each otherValuable porcelain the intimate contact with the ground, since the pang tong with military forces suddenly appeared in the chengdu plain of that day of, this is I don't know what is milan crashing into a porcelain, under the town hall, chengdu officials all here, this time, milan exceptionally diligent, almost every day summoned the minister came to negotiate to break the enemy's policy, only one although arrived, but the responder there, even now be returned to the relieving ling bract, rarely make any noise.

"No, I must see the Lord today!" With a snort of cold, he shouted sharply, and was about to break in. The guards refused, and the two sides were entangled outside the prefectureLooking at the crowd, pang tong shook his head and said, "zhang ren has been captured by all of you. I think you have decided to rebel against liu zhang.Looking at the crowd, pang tong shook his head and said, "zhang ren has been captured by all of you. I think you have decided to rebel against liu zhang.悄悄告诉你|When they came to the camp with vigilance, they were still surprised when they saw the bodies lying on the ground in various positions in a circle outside the house where wang Yin was originally stored. It was not because of the dead, but because all the people confirmed that none of the four hundred people left in the camp was alive.

悄悄告诉你|"Ship!" Lv meng and complete a drink, someone pushing a boat come early, lv meng jumps on the boat, a grabbed the foot soldiers in the hands of the paddle, seeks enough strength to slide the boat, the boat like a bottle of an arrow, and soon came to the ship, and the shaking of her boat impact on ship produce and lv meng roll with climbing leap, jumped onto the ship, the eyes, I saw a few soldiers kneel beside a stretcher, tore heart crack lung of crying."Only the seal... "Guan yu hesitated for a moment, some regret way, in his view, the world has the right to enjoy the piece of wang Yin, liu bei is the only one, but liu bei did not care about wang Yin's things, even did not mention, guan yu knew, eldest brother this is ready to give up the king.

Fred, who had closed his eyes for death, could not help but shudder and nodded his head subconsciously."The commander is dead?" The pawn following lv meng's back looked at zhou yu's dead body in a daze and mumbled, "the commander is dead!"September 6, jiangzhou.悄悄告诉你|




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