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陈晓旭女儿|水泥檩条机Is this to stay?To kill, but also to kill hard, kill them cold, kill them to extinction, only to hurt these people, they will be as obedient as a dog!What's more, CAI wenji itself is a car of learning, lyu3 bu4 in know CAI wenji identity, has been planning to send her to changan academy to teach.

Korea hence military forces after a night of high-intensity slaughter, this is sleepy, spirits early loss, at the moment the rear suddenly encountered an attack, for a while, positions were washed out of chaos, many weak-willed soldiers have begun to flee.At the beginning of the integration of three fifty thousand huns fighters, Now played less than thirty thousand, liu meng is seen, the han hence also didn't have a good heart, these days, the most dead is their huns fighters, even if there is no king's court, liu meng also don't want to continue to give Korea hence when cannon fodder, now the king's court, with the reason for withdrawal, of course, liu meng will not stay.Just, if that Mr. Li dare to incriminate, big deal a beat two scattered!陈晓旭女儿|"Master is on the bank of the white water, if the patriarch don't believe, I can immediately go to the master please come." Giffin laughed.

陈晓旭女儿|"RiLe, you don't really think, if we help Korea hence win lyu3 bu4, he will give us wuwei county?" Liu leopard stretched out his hand to put a trembling woman into his arms, rough hands rudely into the woman's skirt wantonly rub, sneer at his subordinates.Although it is now spring, but the northwest is still not warm, such a bubble in the river, even if not killed on the spot, I'm afraid also can't get to Hanoi.

Andy general mansion, a team of cavalry galloping, in a flash, has been to the general mansion outside Andy.Xu togeher smiled and said to the two humanity: "lyu3 bu4 but moss mustard, two generals brave, but master's general, this south against cao cao, no less than two generals, if the two generals went to the party, who will fight for the duke?"陈晓旭女儿|




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