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冰心 寄小读者|温度记录纸"Next month 15, this matter unfavorable and extravagant, yong cool broken, 100 useless await xing, can not so much money grain expend above a wedding." Lv bu frowns way."It's up to you! < / p > < p > lu lingqi see the situation has been decided, the rest of the matter to Yin wei, now even if he does not want to kill, also have to kill, lu lingqi with the troops, return to the palace, but face dignified zhaoyun."Well!" Although the deputy don't know why yuan shao so fire, but also before yuan shao's battle to frighten a cold sweat, smell of speech hurriedly promised a sound, leave.

"Be!" Tanu agreed to a sound, hurriedly even roll with climb out of the order.After aguli had left, li ru came in from outside the tent. Zhang liao looked at li ru and said with a frown, "advisor, can this plan be successful?"From the beginning of killing ma teng to now, it is only less than two months, but in these two months, he was like making a roller coaster, and suddenly became the ruler of the whole xiliang. He was only one step away from taking chang 'an, having guanzhong, and watching the melee among the princes of kanto.冰心 寄小读者|

冰心 寄小读者|"Kill them and avenge Lao wang!" Aguli sat down on the ground, staring at han sui and liang xing with his red eyes.Fortunately, han sui did not enter the camp and fell into the siege. Five hundred warriors could hold off the attack of the qiang."Build camp! Took a look at lv buyingzhai, the wind blows the lu word flag, liu bao mou light contraction, some gnash one's teeth, since the other side has been the best position to grab, that they can only find a distance some of the village.

As for guard function, 300 guard sounds not much, but three times ignore the qualification limit of opportunity, if the xiongkuahai is regarded as the enhancement object, as long as not bad luck, there is a 90% chance to train a top military officer with at least one attribute to break through the five-star peak."Five hundred?" Aguly's face turned ugly.In the same year, the general situation of the world gradually became clear, and the atmosphere of the war almost covered the whole northern land. This year, the life of the hu people was not easy. After several months of fighting, the land of hetao, no matter the huns or other ethnic groups, was seriously weakened.冰心 寄小读者|





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