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结衣波多野作品|长宜特种纸Words, with a deep resentment.Zhuge liang is best at, in fact, is outside the battlefield of victory and defeat, now pang tong has just decided to shu zhong, ma su thought, this is an opportunity."Only the seal... "Guan yu hesitated for a moment, some regret way, in his view, the world has the right to enjoy the piece of wang Yin, liu bei is the only one, but liu bei did not care about wang Yin's things, even did not mention, guan yu knew, eldest brother this is ready to give up the king.

"Why? Liu zhang frowned, for meng da to lu bu's respect some dissatisfaction, but now look at chengdu, he is afraid there is only such a person available, is wu yi, has been sick for a long time, liu zhang is now in fact no one available, looking at meng da, can only patiently listen to the other side to explain.The sound of his voice struck like a heavy hammer on the hearts of all men. He was loyal to liu zhang, and the soldiers who were present knew a little about him"Send someone to send the message to the Lord, waiting for luoyang to take the next step, in addition... "Liu bei took a look at liu bei's camp which had been dismantled into ruins, and those who began to put on POTS of fighters in the western regions, frowned and said:" ask the Lord, whether these people transferred back to training again? Still have yi que the back of the hand that pass can't slacken, if liu bei kills a return horse gun to come back at this time, although possibility is not high, but must prevent."结衣波多野作品|"More than a month, less than half a month, I have news." Pang tong seriously looked at wei yan and said, "langzhong daying has our detailed works and will send news to us regularly.

结衣波多野作品|"Well!"Chapter 90 deterrenceSeptember 6, jiangzhou.

Sun quan did not even dare to think further. From then on, sun quan was even more afraid of zhou yu than his younger brother, sun yi, because he could control the military and political affairs of jiangdong."Clatter ~"Suddenly turn around, but see fu is quietly to the stern of the direction of receding, Chen to a sharp look, the hands of a sharp arrow out of hand, is in fu DE leg abdomen.结衣波多野作品|





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