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核苷酸二钠郑州卫生间隔断Lyu3 bu4 itself safe, but his side, remaining only less than three hundred horses, all soaking wet, lyu3 bu4 slightly decadent sitting down on a piece of stone, the head of a young chicken feathered was missing, hair dancing with the wind, body armor is still with something of stain, looks quite untidy, only a pair of eyes flashing freezing cold mountain, is not to the ma dai, lyu3 bu4 eyes in the moment, also let ma dai gives birth to a burning sensation.Maybe, but so what? When the rout is formed, even if everyone's heart is like a mirror, but the people around are running, they can only follow the run, individual power in countless people gathered under the tide, not enough to reverse, can only drift."A messenger from lv bu is coming." Liu2 bei4 sighed, former xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 poor pole to cast, when liu bei is a warlord, lyu3 bu4 later captured xuzhou, liu2 bei4 temporarily attached to cao cao to attack, lyu3 bu4 escaped from the xuzhou like office, when lu bu has almost lost the qualifying for the world, liu bei although also has been in exile, but the situation at that time, to be better than lyu3 bu4, governors at least willing to accept him, especially after got the name of imperial, liu bei can clearly feel the governors for their increasingly seriously, wherever she went, can be treated.

Zhang he would like to immediately now the truth to the world, but he can not, the doctor has said, yuan shao now, has been poisoned into the bone marrow, medicine stone difficult to save, this time, jizhou has been in a state of tension, the truth, is to give yuan shao a justice, but then?"Vertical son, bad my event!" The direction of the country is looking at yuan reinforcements to come over, suddenly angry spit out one mouthful blood, nu scold a way, this is a good time this time, if the yuan is still able to feel in time, not only just ride don't have to be wiped out, more can be lyu3 bu4 wai killed completely, even if lyu3 bu4 can break, damage will be heavy, unfortunately, yuan, it is not wise to sit uninvolved, cause miss the good opportunity, not only failed to kill around lu bu, but jun losses, more let tonight losses become meaningless, despite the demise of lyu3 bu4 ten thousand raid on military forces, but cao cao also badly hit.核苷酸二钠Have to say, although regard lv bu as archenemy, but some idea of lv bu affects liu bei very much still, rich people strong country!

核苷酸二钠"Alas!" Kuai yue wen yan, see CAI MAO one eye, no longer persuade."Uh oh ~"Cao cao helplessly a sigh, lower his head to open letter paper, quickly browse down, gradually, cao cao frowned slightly, for a long time, looked up to guo jia way: "yellow scarf?"

"Be!" < / p > < p > xi dare not neglect, quickly with people forward, cao chun's body convergence, lu bu did not stop, let the more xi with people to collect the corpse."You're welcome." The man known as xu jiang jun groaned, dragging his hand towards the kaishan dao guan hai, named xu ding, just the name, perhaps some strange, but his brother even in this star-studded three kingdoms period, is also a number of people, cao cao's bodyguard, xu chu.Half a wick sweet, more than a dozen in the journey has been experienced by, came to his city, looked up to the sky of chang 'an, ordinary people in the eyes of the clear sky, at the moment but in his eyes as if the more other things, mumbling way: "like dragons, kill the Wolf life, should have a spry, could reverse change destiny, can also gather dragon air, dating back to the dragon? Strange, strange!"核苷酸二钠




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