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谌龙向求婚王适娴|财经道理财产品cjdao"The strategist is open-minded." Zhang he cheered up, then wry smile.Giffin smiled and handed it to lyu3 bu4, saying, "xin first wish master the invasion of horses to success."

Zhang Gu a shiver, looked at Zhou Cang fierce face, subconsciously took the wine war, swallowed a mouthful of water, looked at the wine war in the clear liquid, opened his mouth, look at lyu3 bu4, finally didn't drink, dry smile way: "This... How to make?""Temujin, why was he there? Didn't he leave the court?" Some hoarse voice sounded from Kirby can mouth, cold eyes looked at the general in front of him, and did not blame Kirby, to jin stop the two dead people's responsibility, because the crux of the matter, is why lyu3 bu4 suddenly appeared in the coalition camp."That Wei Wen-chang, who claim to be a general, was a little too careful." Chen xing said, can not help but sneer at 1, with military forces swaggering to the gate, loudly to ChengTou foot soldiers loudly way: "I am a title of generals in ancient times under general for thief corps commander Chen xing, the defenders of the city listen to, immediately open the gate, switch offer to surrender, otherwise, the day of the city break, will call you die without burial ground!"谌龙向求婚王适娴|Two people before and after, to the sun is about to completely set, just back to the king's court, the king's tent, kui head is with several king's court chief will discuss what, lyu3 bu4, nature again by kui head excluded, for this, lyu3 bu4 is not surprised, there is always a time for him to ask himself.

谌龙向求婚王适娴|"Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp.As for lyu3 bu4 itself, For all the stigma from the south, Is sneer at, three surname slaves by zhang fei that steer scold out, back for so many years, now this point, for lyu3 bu4, just drizzle, lyu3 bu4 at this time, has joined with giffin, began to discuss bing troops, didn't empty the mouth gun, anyway, he was in the central plains famous people there is not what to like.Under the same sky, jinyang, satrap mansion.

"Pip-pip ~"When the crowd saw that he was calm and calm, they were somewhat surprised and uncertain. The little school looked at only a few people, and immediately nodded, "Please follow me, sir.""How? The Qifu tribe has sent out the whole army this time. Even if we go up there, it will only add more than five hundred lives." Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the vast army of begging fu tribe with destroyed the momentum of the day to the huns tribe, fragile village wall simply can't withstand the charge of this scale, but dug a pit outside the horse, can let these begging fu tribe people eat a big loss.谌龙向求婚王适娴|




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