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冷情首富魅天下|八味百痔灵Sima lang turned around and saw liu bei's solemn face. "Lord?" he asked.Closing any though not imagination, but liu bei in JingXiang also have days, daily and microbloggers thick, for Chen to skill, microbloggers still know some, and even close, though not as good as guan yu, but a skill, in few JingXiang adversaries, see liu bei to the two men who stay, microbloggers is relieved, immediately devoting a way: "thank you for your uncle."And, more importantly, as the harmony state gradually restore stability and prosperity under the governance of lyu3 bu4 increasingly, had fled to hanzhong, JingXiang and even the profit because of the war many people began to return, only a year's time, the guanzhong were added nearly reached land, under the planning of Chen's palace, these people have begun to return to his own clan, to settle down, as long as britons, liu table, milan don't stop, according to Chen gong forecasts, this is just a beginning, to know the population of guanzhong high morale, population of several millions, I'm afraid there will be more people to return to next year, and the silk road be cioffi to get through, The hu-shang who traveled to and from chang 'an and the western regions also brought along the refugees from many western regions. As long as chang 'an remained stable, guanzhong's prosperity could not be stopped.

This battle, can't fight any more, fight again, CAI's house is in danger!Thinking about these, gao gan suddenly heard a discordant voice, in this snowstorm is very light, almost can't hear, but gao gan still sharp feel a trace of wrong."Yes, yes! Yuan shang was already in a mess and things had begun to go beyond his control. He nodded to zhang he, "general zhang, you must get the city gate back before lu bu enters the city."冷情首富魅天下|The almost deafening hum was followed by a heart-rending scream and the smell of blood in the air.

冷情首富魅天下|All smell speech, also can't help but silence, in fact, after lyu3 bu4 occupy huiyong, cool, began to limit inflows, horses to the central plains to the later lyu3 bu4 occupied hetao, bing, almost cut off seventy percent Ma Yuan supply in the central plains, Yuan Jia quiet state can produce the horse here, but the direction of the central plains and even farther south, horse has become a strategic resource.Lyu3 bu4 return to oneself really quite value!"Lu lingqi? Lyu3 bu4's daughter! ?" Huang Zuwen said a surprised, hurriedly want a sword that is gun sword, immediately in escaping a hemp, the hands of the sword by the other party one gun pick fly, seeing each other silver gun, to kill, XieCiLi, the member has popped up, in the hands of a fish knife a pick up, the other silver gun block, followed by backhand toward each other between the waist cut a knife, knife method LengLi, was fast and hard, no, no room, seeing is a sword to slay Addis block halved, but see Addis will hand to the horse and my body up, crossed the teenager, a gun again stab howie.

"Kill!" What followed was an earth-shattering cry of death. The huge horde smashed the snow all over the sky, bringing up the flowers of blood, carrying with it the power that seemed to destroy everything. It was like a black torrent, which hit hard in the chaos of the army."See general huang at the end." < / p > < p > but see huang zhong with liu qi came to a school outside the garrison house, guards to see huang zhong, hurriedly came forward to wait."Damn it! Ruthlessly stare at the direction of the liu bei, holds the sea can only be picking up copper rod to meet two people, he also want to go, but sat holds the sea horses, though not poor, but lu bu to him personally selected dayuan horses, but sat guan yu zhang fei horse is also a BMW, as good as he is even stronger, running is not, only hard, it is better to stick to a seibel army arrived.冷情首富魅天下|





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