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1月26日新闻库存松紧带The sad and shrilly voice, the command quickly spread out, someone in the gate constantly shaking the torch, the xiangyang soldiers around are unmoved, indifferent waving the order flag: "shoot the arrow!""Wen, until today, I did not know lv bu's terrible. It is hard to imagine that the xiao hu who was playfully handled by Chen hanyu and his son in xuzhou could be so terrible today. Cao cao had some regrets.Three hundred paces later, the advance troops were still entangled with the soldiers guarding the walls of the village. With only a few hundred soldiers, even if the crossbowmen hiding below did not move, it was not enough to defeat zhang liao.

Chapter 34 health"This is... A city car?" Xia houyuan asked uncertainly."Eldest brother, CAI MAO's head!" < / p > < p > zhang fei will CAI MAO's head back, excitedly get before liu bei, hey smile glanced at huang zhong, this time, the first is he got.1月26日新闻"My Lord lu bu to rende s world, hinduists world disputes, governors and, my Lord intends to follow the emperor, swept the world, also the etheric, although make you offend many times my Lord, make my territory, but heaven has the virtue of good living, fighting together, numbered, I hope that you can to my Lord, may please Mr. Chang an academy, Taoism, improving on Taoism." Palm flag from the arms to take out a book to open, read aloud.

1月26日新闻In the sky, several war eagles in the sky constantly hovering, constantly send out a strange eagle cry, zhao DE looked up, there is a bad feeling in the heart.On the city wall of ye district, looking at the clouds of smoke rising in all directions, zhao DE, pale and angry, pointed at the opposite side and shouted: "zhang liao's son, despicable and shameless, have the ability to attack the city!""Chief, who is it?" "Asked some of the gatekeepers as he returned to the gate.

"This crossbow... "Xun yu picked up the crossbow that cao cao had dropped on the ground and looked at it with a solemn face. Then he looked at cao cao and said," it should have been left by the other side on purpose."Lord Chen, is it true that there is a rumor about the king?" "Asked a smiling girl.In fact, liu bei was not the only one. Cao cao and sun quan followed the family to denounce lv bu on the surface, but secretly, they also annexed the land by various means.1月26日新闻




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