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稀土永磁概念股高温胶套"This..." Chen qun startled, he is not don't know these, just didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will take these things, but he couldn't refute.Footsteps, Han De face with some comfortable color climbed up the diao dou, armor some messy, see lyu3 bu4 looked over, look a hertz, some embarrassed scratched the helmet.Lyu3 bu4 look at the giffin, with a little to explore the color, giffin smiled and stood, not taboo lyu3 bu4's eyes.

"Well, tomorrow is tomorrow, and I 'll say goodbye first." Liu Meng some don't adapt to the style of Korea hence this sudden change, about tomorrow after the expedition, then hurried out of the city, back to their camp."Son of a bitch! Send our orders, change the rear team to the front team, withdraw! Watch out, there may be an ambush." Zhong yao angry dark scold 1, hurriedly with command team withdrawal, since wei left an empty camp for himself, there must be a backhand.稀土永磁概念股"No more than high office." For cao cao can now take out things, lyu3 bu4 really don't see eye, at least hay, cao cao can't send.

稀土永磁概念股"Master is on the bank of the white water, if the patriarch don't believe, I can immediately go to the master please come." Giffin laughed."Where 's the thief, take a knife from me!" The general watched a man like an iron tower rushed to his front, startled, then angrily, the spear in his hand toward the Zhou Cang stab, in front of a flower, suddenly unexpectedly lost the Zhou Cang, followed by a chill, Zhou Cang's bronze sword has been along his barrel up a row, in his neck a sweep and past.Lyu3 bu4 calmly turned the horse's head, looked at five thousand knights behind, these people, basically are west cool people, there is a drop in the army, also have d brought elite, lyu3 bu4 can see anger on their faces, just in this mood, also permeated with a numbness, and disregard.

Lyu3 bu4 under more than two thousand people, in the vicinity of wuwei and the huns around five days and five nights, hardly slept a peaceful sleep, just trim the night, the moon people are worried that these people can continue to fight, don't say under the soldiers, is lyu3 bu4, now also looks very haggard."Hmm?" Seeing a touch of cold light lashed to the face, Liang Xing regardless of ordered to put the arrow, not to think about it, suddenly lit the gun in his hand, ear came a buzz, at the same time arm a hemp, the gun almost off hand and fly.稀土永磁概念股




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