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万里平台珠海金湾会场仁大氨糖Liu2 bei4 hand help female wall, dead dead stare at xiong kuo sea, bite one's teeth to pass a way: "sing gold!"The ancients were still in awe of ghosts and gods, and highly valued the oath, especially to lv bu's status. If he broke the oath, he would not say whether it would take the devil for the devil or not, but at least make people detest him.Lu bu is not mud knead, who knows, the first on, must lose a lot of money, logically, this is jizhou, the natural yuan shang, but if yuan shang lost a lot of money, in case yuan tan took the opportunity to turn away from his property how to do? In addition, there is cao cao, mo see now the two sides look friendly, but cao cao came to jizhou at this time, must be uneasy good, if yuan shang really believe, that is strange.

Runan, the ancient city.It also represents a signal of danger, cao cao and lombardi after the battle of guandu, in whose case, who also do not have reached some consensus, want lyu3 bu4 this unstable factors out first, because two is probably now close situation, and lu bu, have apparently can't like before the battle of guandu neglected, if the two sides equal again, lyu3 bu4 will inevitably become the situation around a huge unrest, and zhang yan in this case, the heart will naturally more inclined to the alliance between the yuan cao.Zhang liao could not help laughing, this is a will lu bu as an opponent, as expected unlikely to surrender.万里平台珠海金湾会场"Lyu3 bu4 take feng Wolf to reside the wei of xu first, sweep and state, again get many of black mountain, its potential already became!" Xun yu sighed and looked at cao cao, saying, "Lord, it is urgent that we make peace with yuan shao. This time, if there is a chance, will not let lu bu have a chance to live."

万里平台珠海金湾会场"Since is inform that CAI MAO knows." Sima lang smiled and said, "the army still has enough grain and straw for three days. The next batch of grain and straw can be detained in the city.One of the white horse silver gun, in the battlefield is very eye-catching, CAI MAO recognized this person, impresses is from his eyelids under the zhaoyun zhao zilong!The court was not located in the city of changan, but in a larger place in the west of changan city. From a distance, it could be seen that the court was clearly a acropolis, surrounded by special soldiers to maintain order.

"Tian shuiyang fu, quite a debater, worthy of this duty!" Jia xu spoke the candidate in his heart."For mother nature know, rest assured." Liu smiled and nodded.万里平台珠海金湾会场




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