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微易达|e肽润巢"Guangping was lost, handan was captured, and lu bu's army has already marched in," lu kuang cried bitterly.< / p > < p > xiuluo mask, a pair of cool eyes deeply looked at ganning one eye, lv lingqi nodded: "then please general gan."The arrival of lv bu let li ping see hope, want to try accordingly, if can revenge nature is best, calculate cannot, the result also won't be worse.

"Lv bu!" < / p > < p > gao gan looked at more and more soldiers chose to surrender, the heart know the general situation is gone, he has been unable to return to the day, looked at even in the chaos of the army, also very eye-catching that figure, gao gan suddenly looked up to the day fierce howls, issued a despairing roar: "Chen liu gao gan here, can dare to fight with me?"Miss xie trusts." "Ganning a fist, see xiangyang fu way:" please rest assured that the gentleman, although ganmou when the water thief, but did not lack of morality."Elder brother, kill chicken yan use ox sword, this war then by little younger brother battle how?" Ma tie hurriedly way, the eye is taking the feeling that a desire to try.微易达|"Lord, lv bu is in great power. Ye cheng cannot be contested any more. It would be better to take a step back, retreat to the bohai sea, regroup, and deal with lv bu again." Match the silent channel.

微易达|"Be."Mount taihang, in an unremarkable shanzhai, two scribes sat opposite each other.Guan yu and liu bei stood astounded.then they looked at each other and said, "come, send a swift horse to the camp of the grand commander.

Looking at the sky, lv bu said lightly.'go away! Blink of an eye, three horse has been among the soldiers before near, the day painting ji Yang, no fancy and xu chu hammer to spell a, severe impact an invisible sound waves, surrounded by a lot of foot soldiers directly by the acoustic shock of ears deaf, constantly have blood from your ear effusion, many people are directly by the sound waves to earthquake dead, lyu3 bu4 through force of anti seismic body slightly oblique, avoided the xi ji trigeminal party day, the day painting ji an upside down, ji branchlets hook on the xi's neck, direct him down from his horse, in the shout xu chu, the xi's party day painting ji dragged by lu bu to recover in the direction of the cao cao, The place that lead, but have horse block, lyu3 bu4 wave square day painting halberd, connect a person to take halberd toward all round mad chop, hit of cao jun hold a head rat to flee, instantly, more xi's burly body has been hit not to become a person, the neck is more the life and death is a branchlet to cut off, leave a head only, dense white bone is exposed outside particularly permeate a person!"Third uncle, the army has entered the city, the Lord command, quickly retreat!" Guan ping came forward and shouted.微易达|




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