王文沧 被抓|

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王文沧 被抓|昆明高新区管委会Zhang ren's complexion was somewhat sombre, especially in regard to the last words he uttered, which were intended to incite unrest"Send someone to song mountain to fetch wang Yin back." Cao cao nodded and looked at xiahou dun, saying, "this wang Yin remains outside, always a scourge.Looking at the crowd, pang tong shook his head and said, "zhang ren has been captured by all of you. I think you have decided to rebel against liu zhang.

"Dare not, strong guest not pressure Lord, under should be guest!" Pang tong, though since the camp, performance is very strong, but also a clear at the moment oneself is already for liu DHS things into a part of people's discontent, since purpose has been achieved, followed by the good faith, the strength of the natural won't blindly, then some stupid, aeriform in, however, continue to emphasize their own strength"Season often, have provisions?" In the imperial palace of ci shi, zhuge liang was dealing with a copy of the document.< / p > < p > they smell, can not help but look at each other, shu those families, nothing can be liu zhang out of the whole point, now has such a big handle in liu zhang's hands, who knows the future will not be liu zhang old things, after the autumn.王文沧 被抓|"The 100,000 troops are ours."

王文沧 被抓|"Do it! Then, without waiting for zhang ren's reaction, someone held a wooden stick with a piece of rope in front of him and caught zhang ren's limbs. Then several soldiers pulled him down"Huh?" Wei yan looks along the direction that the other party points out, see the end of the road in the distance however, discover a few figure stealthily look toward this side, wei yan hurriedly takes out li li mirror, look toward that side, see dress, it is jing zhou army.

"How many garrisons are there in the city?" Wei yan-shen asked."I ask myself why I have been unkind to you." Liu zhang gloomy look at meng da, has been, to his dog in front of the image of meng da, today's performance let liu zhang some difficult to accept, when a pair of crafty syminess meng da, there is such a leisurely bearing? The same monda you know?< / p > < p > the ship on the river bank, taishi ci and other jiangdong soldiers laughed slowly back yan 'an, against the river, ready to land from jiangling, in trying to recapture jiangxia, if land and siege battle, Chen to confident jiangdong soldiers can be over abuse.王文沧 被抓|




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