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成龙私生女|蒲城县学生资助网"Han Sui?" D bright red eyes, recovered a little clear, silently nodded, slowly raised the day Wolf gun: "you stay to deal with them, others, with me to kill Korean thieves!""The general can see, don't self-modesty!" Marotta put his hands on the railing of YuanMen, looking at the camp in the distance, eyes flashed a touch of worry: "but I don't know what conditions Korea hence agreed to the huns, unexpectedly let the huns so use life, the five days, the huns lost foot soldiers in this, there are six or seven thousand people, Korea hence the man, is quite a few wrist.""Oh?" Seibel's eyes narrowed slightly, looking at Chen Xing, and looked at others, light way: "I don't know what general Chen have?"

"Little general go!" Several QinWei face big change, hurriedly put Ma Tie on horses, just this moment of kung fu, larocca has taken the men on board.West cool, ji county.Looking at the direction of the city of millet, the huns must have sent the news, according to the speed, up to three days, the news should be sent to wuwei, only hope that pound they can stick to that moment, as long as the huns retreat, the battle should be over.成龙私生女|Chapter 58 the battle of the curtain down (2)

成龙私生女|"Go!" D will gun a lead, with the troops murderous toward the burning when the camp to kill.Although don't know why lyu3 bu4 don't stay in the shepherd slope and Korea hence decisive battle, but with men ran to compete with the huns, but the appearance of lyu3 bu4, or let liu leopard gave birth to a vigilance in the heart, especially in the following days, there is no trace of lyu3 bu4, fold let liu leopard more have a bad feeling.Dark tent, a few grease torches will be the size of the tent illuminated bright, lyu3 bu4 surprised to look at the layout of the tent, quite a few Chinese style, lyu3 bu4 remember hearing before, the left xian wang liu bao had been in xu for a while, it seems to be contaminated with a lot of han style.

"More than half of that million people still remain unresettled, Although according to the master's method, has been elected from millions of people zhuang yong, greatly reduce the burden of our army, but still need to leave a certain military forces responsible for moving people, general wei yan in xinfeng and cao peng ride army, under heavy damage, when quickly added, in the area of bullying, keep jun, make it can't move lightly. ""Master!" Cheng Gongying bit his teeth, looked at the han sui way: "d horse fast, go on like this, I will be caught up sooner or later, master hurry to ji county early deployment, d, will be stopped by me!""There is no going back!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum, looked at the sky, sink a track: "success or failure in this world war, afraid of death?"成龙私生女|




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