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神雕之陆小凤传奇|手动磨光机Especially in JingZhao forces around a steady stream of go out, to make the guanzhong internal emptiness, although these laws have a certain credibility, but because a large number of military forces in the war, has led to a certain lack of execution, and didn't lyu3 bu4 deterrent, northwest of slaves, has not yet completely planning qiang people of all nationalities that underneath the surface is not completely melt wild began to some control.'oh dear! Lyu3 bu4 heart suddenly a heavy, twist a head to see xiong kuo sea way: "Chen dare where.""Since yuan zhi is willing to come, he must not only be recommended by shi yuan, but also have a certain identification with me and even this force, right?" Lv bu looks at xu shu dao.

< / p > < p > another yuan jun cleverly bent down and cut off the horse leg, the knight on the horse to pull off, did not have time to kill, then the slave soldiers directly ride the horse to let the horse stand up, bowl mouth big iron hooves directly step on the back of the yuan jun, a burst of teeth acid bone crack sound, clever yuan bing never again can stand up.神雕之陆小凤传奇|"Filial piety straight, look longer." Lv bu patted the shoulder of fazheng and said with a smile: "people without trust do not establish, the country is also so, want to let people believe us, first of all, we must do a letter, will publish these data out, can not have any concealment, the issue of distribution by the government to do, the department of justice is responsible for supervision, but there is corruption, fraud, kill!"

神雕之陆小凤传奇|Sun ce, zhou yu, jiangdong group of Athens, but it can never attack jingzhou, suggesting a CAI is straw bag, now against tiger firmly shut, and their eighty thousand troops, guarding city army was five thousand, however, if it is a little-known will lead to challenge may also will come to draw out each other's military commanders, zhang fei you so big fame, with lyu3 bu4 can be hard, even if the opposite is a straw bag, it is impossible to run out to die, what moreover lyu3 bu4 sent to guard that tiger fastened shut, straw bag is how is it possible?< / p > < p > a dozen night owl left a person for lu bu to guide the way, the others quickly disappeared into the mountains, to inform han DE troops."Go back to handan." Lyu3 bu4 of some exhaustion waved wave, this moment, he is really tired, not just on the body, still have mental exhaustion.

< / p > < p > and cao chun side, the casualties of the more let cao chun heart blood, a collision, butch ride nearly half of the destruction, the same is butch ride since the establishment, the most serious one casualties."Cloud, see father-in-law's adult." Zhaoyun stepped forward and bowed."No harm." Guan yu shook his head and looked up at the dark sky covered by dark clouds. He turned his head and looked at liu bei.神雕之陆小凤传奇|




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