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范冰冰自述我没有我|养肉食狗"Lord Lord don't blame, this matter palace also have the crime of oversight!" "Chen gong said with a wry smile."There will be more." Lv bu added a cup of tea for jia xu and took a look at the direction zhang had left."My father said that you don't need to attack the city, you just need to build up your strength." Lv lingqi frowns a way: "we can disguise as a caravan, first sneak into juyan city, secretly store strength."

"My niece doesn't blame me. You shouldn't have come back at this time." Sima fang pulls out his sword at his waist and looks at the unresponsive CAI yan. With a flash of fierce light in his eyes, he thrusts his sword into CAI yan's chest."Are you awake? Clear voice, with a few bright, the man turned to look, but saw a tall woman with a bowl of hot porridge came to his side, crisp voice: Keats said you were hungry faint, a few days have not eaten?范冰冰自述我没有我|'where! D see Korea hence escape, furious waved the pike, will be a road's foot soldiers killed, he just weak, strong, dragging a causative agent, killed up to now, there are always some feeling overwhelmed, handy silver gun originally, also feel heft weighs a lot at the moment, fight down, not only failed to catch up with, instead of watching Korea run more and more so far.

范冰冰自述我没有我|As for the promotion status obtained by the award of another star growth opportunity is targeted at lv bu personal, immediately promote lv bu four-dimensional attributes of any of the same did not reach the five-star attributes of a star!The sky do not know when the dark down, a lightning across the sky, let heaven and earth appear at the moment of pale."This is... An order to ride an hussar?" Hand was immediately a change, it is to a title of generals in ancient times the lyu3 bu4 private production, a title of generals in ancient times to the existence of lu bu, and only a few of sealing the general of a general and the chang 'an sentinels and know that it doesn't make any sense in front of ordinary people, but for the man who knows the gold MEDALS, a title of generals in ancient times makes a anyone see that such as lu bu, must be unconditional.

As the home of lv bu, although lv bu spends most of his time outside the city, but the family ding in general mansion, come down from the army, at the moment under the command of Yang xi and liao hua, 200 family ding integrated city guard, begin to rely on courtyard wall and dead person deal with."Shan yu." A strong man came forward and paid homage to liu bao.Surrounded by the fire, although there are xiongnu people were engulfed by the flames, but xiongnu people issued a earth-shaking cheer, liu bao from the ground to climb up, open his hands, face to the sky, let the rain crackling hit in his face, loud cheers: "thank you changsheng day!范冰冰自述我没有我|




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