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水上跳跃者绵竹剑南春酒'not for me! Wang tired raised his head and looked at liu zhang. He said, "the Lord knows that this list includes almost all the people of large and small families in the middle of shu, including the soldiers in the army. Now the soldiers are in front of the Lord and the Lord is persecuting his family.Liu bei's elite is jiangxia and nanyang in sixty thousand chosen men, which is liu2 bei4 financial reserves, was also his trump card, because the various ge is bright lobby JingXiang men, make liu2 bei4 firefight take jingzhou, the two elite, is liu bei's strongest military forces, even had come over twenty thousand xiangyang xiangyang surrender elite, can match."Thank you, master! The nighthawk's face flashed with relief and he bowed and nodded.

"It is true that the secret decree originally gave wang Yin to liu jingsheng, but liu jingsheng was already dead at that time. The duke was also a relative of the han family, so it was reasonable to give it to the duke." Ma liang puzzled to look at zhuge liang, he felt zhuge liang some too careful.All people mind, zhou yu is a charming gentleman, commands from the commander in chief, few people know, zhou yu has less sun ce force, this kind of feeling, by zhou yu in all zhang fei a spear block, zhang fei is felt, the gigolo indeed have a somewhat superior skill, but... Or die!"Poop-poop poop-poop ~"水上跳跃者"So say, article long feel that zhang ren how?" Pang tong did not answer directly, but asked rhetorically: "or, even if the war started, how certain is wen chang to defeat zhang ren?"

水上跳跃者"The emperor was a noble and respected man, and he was a descendant of the han family. He had experienced numerous wars all his life. Liu xun laughed."Oh?" Zhang song wen yan picked pick eyebrow: "can ever leave a name?"Chapter 52 the willing take the bait

People of lv bu!Appeared, but the idea was cao cao to disperse, and can't play, mighty governors of the union, if you count the deployed military forces in shu, nearly five hundred thousand troops, but eventually failed, but not myself down to his face slapped, and if left now, just waiting to lyu3 bu4 then swept across the world, then who else can block lyu3 bu4 footsteps?"Long cloud, will you?" Liu bei looked at guan yu, guan yu's temperament he knew, if really not punished, even if no one blame him, guan yu in the heart will be uncomfortable.水上跳跃者





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