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日本美丑鉴别法中华大汉灸However, if guo jia's prediction is wrong, cao cao's action will certainly lead to the deterioration of yuan cao's alliance, and the two sides already have bad feelings. In this way, lu bu and yuan shao may join hands. Even if they do not join hands, cao cao can hardly gain an advantage in the process of fighting with both sides.On top of the diao dou, CAI MAO looked anxiously at the distant banners standing in the distance. After a long time, he shook his head and said, "strange degree, have you ever thought that if one day these northern troops invade jingzhou, how to deal with them?""What does zhou yu have? A yellow mouth." Cao cao was surprised to see xunyou and thought xunyou was too worried.

"Brother zhongling, how dare he... How dare... Is he not afraid to make an enemy of the corporal?" An old man looked at the center of the crowd, was beheaded off the head, gas can not say words, three days, at least 20 family children because of various reasons were pulled out of the gate beheaded, want to refute, the hands of the people have reason, the owner also stood up to testify this matter, threat? Ha, lu bu now bing feng transit, although the family will have a family of soldiers, but how to fight with zhang liao under those hundred battle fields of the tiger and Wolf division?Pang when get it, I do not know how to describe your own mood, have to admit, lyu3 bu4 are there is energy, and he knows when to give up, anyway us to this point, if the other governors in so doing, the wait so cut meat, but lyu3 bu4 barely hesitant, will this in most parts of the central plains is equal to life something to give."Second younger brother, third younger brother! Just when two people were the hero broad sea a word frozen in there, liu bei from the city wall to see a figure, dark cold eyes with a trace of tears, coldly staring at the hero broad sea road: "this film help zhou beochu, kill my strategist, and he don't need to pay attention to morality, quickly join forces to kill and him, the enemy has arrived!"日本美丑鉴别法"Joke! Feng li sneered and said, "I am a general of the yuan family, but I am not under cao cao's command. Why should I listen to him? Order the three armies to march faster!"

日本美丑鉴别法"Be." Two people hear speech hurriedly should a, jiang lost took the tube hai, lu fang followed lu bu from the gap out, looking at the mountain black black piece of Montenegro thief, lu bu indifferent way: "old guan is who killed, point out to me.'you may die! Xu chu picked up xu you's skirt, the right hand picked up the broad knife, senran way."Talk about old things, later I will personally go to chang 'an and fengxian wine talk!" Cao cao smiled and said, "when I fight to chang 'an, we will have time to talk about the past."

"Lord, look! The light of the day had already been bright, yue xi suddenly pointed to the direction of ye cheng and exclaimed."What joy, general?" Lead surprised look to gao shun, doubt way.During the war, the department of justice could be said to be under the control of one person, with great power, but it was also easy to be taboo. After all, with the continuous growth of lv bu, the people who followed lv bu were also on the rise, and large families had begun to take shape, and the existence of the department of justice naturally hindered the growth of these families.日本美丑鉴别法





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