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狼夜网|lw36-40.5An indescribable pressure pressed on lv meng, and the countless double eyes gathered together, at this moment, it seemed that a mountain was pressed down. At this moment, lv meng could deeply understand the influence of zhou yu in this camp."Veteran? Pang tong was struck by what he heard."The last general is willing to follow your instructions and welcome the champion to shu!" Zhuoyang quickly knelt down first, followed by several generals followed zhuoyang knelt down.

"General, what is this?" Deng xian looked at wei yan with a startled face."If I don't let them go, how will yan yan know I'm coming?" Wei yan smiled slightly and looked at deng xian, saying, "is there any place nearby that can be put to good use?""I can't decide that." Meng da smiled slightly, shook his head and said, liu zhang how to say is also a way of princes, how to deal with lu bu how to decide, mo said he, even if it is all the way manager pang tong and wei yan, are not qualified to decide the life and death of liu zhang."General, now back to jiangxia, I'm afraid... "A general came to Chen's side, hesitating.狼夜网|"Well, my father is not feeling well recently, and I want to go back to my mother's home tomorrow." After all, my husband has been in the army for a long time, rarely back, but he is not able to accompany around, some heart

狼夜网|Xing daorong helpless, can only continue to fight.In all, the biggest zhang hu, guan yong also just 15 years old, the other three is not lv zheng big, what can help?"Why not? When he raised his head and his eyes grew red, zhang ren could not help but feel angry when he looked into his eyes. The beast's eyes made zhang ren dare not

"There is no pardon in the camp of the night owl. If you have sinned, go back and take the punishment of thorns!" The nighthawk looked at her coldly, indifferent way.It has been nearly a month since liu returned from langzhong in shu, but he failed to see liu zhang. I heard that liu zhang had not summoned his ministers for a long time, and even ling bao could not see liu zhang except meng da"General liu, why are you doing this?" Zhang ren in the heart of helpless sigh, bitter look at liu d狼夜网|




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